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    What happened to BPs?

    All of a sudden im just not finding blueprints anymore in airdrops. Anyone know why this is?
  2. Bobby Saville

    Health needs to be lowered

    This game is supposed to be realistic and have realistic gunplay, therefore you shouldn't be able to withstand 4-5 rifle shots, right? With how difficult the aiming is in Vigor, less shots are hit in gunfights, this is why the Silver Pigeon dominates (Takes no skill to aim). Because of this, all other guns are pretty much useless to the shotgun as they can just rush people with higher tier weapons, dodging and weaving, and then kill them from up close. My point is, is that the weapons are too hard to aim to have that high health, gunfights just take too long and both players just end up running out of ammo (If they dont have a silver pigeon) because they cant hit enough shots to kill people because health is too high and aiming is too hard. All this results in pretty clunky gunplay, am I right? Sorry if im rambling its just the only way I can get my point across, reply if you agree!
  3. Bobby Saville

    Health needs to be lowered

    all this adds to clunky unrealistic gunplay
  4. Bobby Saville

    Are admins listening to us?

    gunplay still feels clunky tho.
  5. Bobby Saville

    Are admins listening to us?

    Just wanted to know if admins are taking in the feedback about the gunplay problems, looking through other posts im not seeing many admin replies.
  6. Bobby Saville

    Various Gunplay Improvements

    The biggest issue with this game that will turn most people away is the horrible gunplay, heres a few ways to improve it: -Make guns shoot tracer bullets so we know where we are shooting -Fix glitches like when i crouch and stand up while aiming i get locked into aiming -Fix hitboxes, sometimes bullets just go straight through people when youre aiming directly at them -Semi auto guns like the m16 shoots really jittery and clunky, sometimes when you press fire it doesnt register and you just have to spam the fire button but shoot really slowly its hard to explain. edit: there is a delay between input (pressing the trigger) and output (firing the bullet) and its annoying af. -First Shot accuracy, I think not having this in the game makes it unrealistic to be honest. Plus its really annoying lining up a shot in 3rd person and somehow missing.
  7. Bobby Saville

    Horrible Shooting Bug

    Theres this horrible bug or glitch that on fully auto guns, when you start shooting then start tap shooting on full auto, the gun just doesnt fire so you have to wait like 2 secs and then start shooting again for it to work, this has happened to me loads and got me killed so many times. Also, sometimes when i start shooting, the gun fires but there are no visual or audio signs that show im shooting, it usually disappears after a minute or 2 but its got me killed before aswell cos i thought my gun wasnt firing. PLEASE fix this, the game just feels clunky atm
  8. Bobby Saville

    Gun issues

    weapons not firing, or firing and not showing they are firing, not being able to aim in, not being able to aim out, reload animations not working, the list goes on.
  9. Bobby Saville

    PvE or start without players/not full server

    agreed, there is not enough action in a game
  10. Bobby Saville

    improve the M21 accuracy

  11. Bobby Saville

    Seperate servers for squads

    Because of the massive disadvantage to solo players, itd be better if 3-4 man squads were put in there own servers, aswell as duos and solos, i think its essential for games like this to have co op play not just limited to 2 people and not to be unfair
  12. maybe not battle royale but something like player-made gangwars were you attack other gangs hq would be cool