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    co10 Escape

    After further testing, I realize I spoke to soon and this was not my issue at all. I had been putting my edited pbo's directly in the top layer of the mpmissions/ directory, which is what was making them work - I just didn't realize it. As I stated a few posts up from here, I had put the entire co10_Escape_1.9 directory structure as downloaded into the mpmissions folder. This meant the original pbo's were several layers deep: /mpmissions/co10_Escape_1.9/missionfiles/*.pbo Apparently my linux server doesn't like that. After pulling the pbo's I wanted out of this directory structure and placing them directly into the top level of the mpmissions/ directory, right where I had been putting my edited pbo's, everything worked as expected. Hopefully someone else finds this helpful Thanks
  2. Halfsak

    co10 Escape

    Ok, so it looks like the edit to the initPlayerLocal file has been successful everytime for me. I added a issue to your gitlab describing the problem and the fix I found. The backpack issue I'm guessing is an Arma problem I can deal with. I can't find any reason why it would be a mission related problem. The other issues with the systemchat and alarms are not issues at all. I had been used to seeing the systemchat from when I was hosting off my client, but it appears the way it's coded that it's never meant to be broadcast out to all the players. I have confirmed that as soon as a weapon is picked up, the variable A3E_EscapeHasStarted is set to true. Thanks
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    co10 Escape

    Thanks for the quick reply. I think I may have found the main problem, but i'm still testing some things before i was going to post again due to some other odd behaviors surfacing. I found there was nothing in the client rpt showing that initPlayerLocal.sqf was executed, so I started examining what would cause that. I found the first line referenced "name player", and most likely the player object wasn't ready yet. I assume this made the file stop at this point, with nothing put in the logs. I updated it to use profileName instead of name player to achieve the same end result without relying on the player object being setup yet. Here's the first 2 lines of initPlayerLocal.sqf after my edit: diag_log format["initPlayerLocal run for %1 (prewaituntil)", profileName]; waituntil{!isNull(player)}; I repacked the pbo and tested it and I spawned in the prison just fine. Although when trying to play it I noticed some new weird things. I can't take weapons out of the backpack while it's still on the ground like I did when hosting from my client. I have to pick up the whole backpack and then move the pistol to the pistol slot. Also, after equipping myself with a weapon, the system chat never shows that the player has a weapon like it should. The alarm does go off when I open the gate, and all guards are there and engage me like expected. If I'm correct, both these conditions are monitored by fn_initServer.sqf. So that script is running since the gate triggers the alarm. The only difference between checking the gate and checking for players possessing weapons is the weapon/run away check is enclosed in the if(_x getvariable ["A3E_PlayerInitializedServer",false]) then { statement. I can't find what the A3E_PlayerInitializedServer is referring to. I'll try to test it using the -showscripterrors like you suggested and keep digging. Thanks
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    co10 Escape

    There's a lot of info in these 48 pages, but unfortunately I can't find a fix to one of my favorite missions My problem I very recently created my own linux dedicated server and when I try to play escape I spawn with full standard loadout, next to the same rock every time, with no prison anywhere around me. I had previously been hosting this mission locally on my windows gaming pc/client and never had this issue. Through all my testing, I've been sticking with mission co10_Escape_BIS_NATO_vs_CSAT in Tanoa from the 1.9 release, but the same result happens on other escape 1.9 missions. The mission files were downloaded from the links at the beginning of this thread My setup The server OS is ubuntu 16.04 - 64bit if it matters. There are no mods installed. Battleye is active. I only have added two missions so far - Antistasi and Escape. I just put the whole co10_Escape_1.9 folder and the antistasi pbo in the mpmissions folder. The antistasi mission plays fine. I have a bash file for my startup command, which produces the following, and redirects stout and sterr to a log file. ./arma3server -cfg=/home/steam/Arma3/install/basic.cfg -config=/home/steam/Arma3/install/server.cfg -name=server -mod= -world=empty -port=2302 -noSound I've placed several files here, including both server and client rpt files, and both server and basic configs passed during startup - some information has been redacted (usernames and BE uid) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hZyflR2XPp_RvHczebB0fFC5hgfnAt0z?usp=sharing What I've tried so far over the last 3 days read all 48 pages of this post, steam discussions, and plenty of google search results (no autoinit, no default mission, no mission rotation, no mods anywhere on my server or client, also no saved games in regard to escape on my client) freshly installed arma on a different pc to make sure there was no hidden saved game interfering. All client side parameters default, with only battleye listed in the startup parameters. Updating/validating arma data on both server and client Verifying integrity of escape files on server - redownloaded files and compared hash's against files in mpmissions folder on server Running the server with no config files specified, so it was all defaults and I could eliminate the possibility it was something in either config file Removing the "-mod=" from my generated startup command since I currently don't have any mods I see other people have had a similar issue, but usually it came back to the autoinit startup parameter. I haven't found anybody who had a different fix for this, and I'm thinking it has to be some mistake I made somewhere since the mission works for everyone else, and it worked for me when hosting on my client pc. It's probably something stupid staring me right in the face, or I overlooked someone's fix by mistake. I am a little confused about all the files within the co10_Escape_1.9 folder. In particular, am I right for putting the whole folder within my mpmissions folder? The part that made me think maybe I was making a mistake was that beyond the files in the co10_Escape_1.9/missionfiles folder, there are vanilla related files in the addonfiles folder. Is it possible these addon files are supposed to go somewhere else? Currently I'm only interested in playing the vanilla version of the missions. I'm only a year into Arma, and I've felt like I had a good grasp of things but now i'm questioning if I really know anything at all... I don't normally ask for help. I usually just keep trying things and searching google, but i'm at a loss here. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance Halfsak