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    Apex Framework

    I was messing around with the cruise missiles a little more and I'm pretty sure the issue with losing lock happens when other people on the server use a laser designator. I could be wrong tho but just figured I should throw that in there.
  2. RileyXX

    Apex Framework

    Thanks for the update I've been waiting on the cruise missiles to get fixed. I found a bug that I think needs to be looked at. Sometimes when you lock on with the cruise missile it loses the lock randomly after a few seconds and the missile just flies straight without hitting anything. Not sure what causes it but the bug makes the cruise missiles pretty much useless. I play the NO MODS Invade and Anex server and usually I can use the cruise missiles for a couple AO's then after maybe a half hour or an hour they totally bug out. If you could please look into that I think we'd all appreciate it. Thanks Quiksilver.