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  1. Shiva1337

    people camping at exit spots

    Just don't run to the nearest exit point...
  2. I'm desperately trying to team up with my friend but it doesn't work, anyone else having this problem? What about grenades, they barely used to work when the game was in early access, now they are removed from the game completely. Is it so difficult to add explosions to the game? What about the knives, when can we attach them to the weapons Is it even planned? What about two new maps the Devs were talking about in early 2019? The fall dmg in this game is a bit to extreme, jumping from one rooftop to the other same height and still getting dmg? My biggest concern atm are the bad weather conditions. I played fjellkanten yesterday, 2 out of 20 matches had good weather conditions, seriously? It's Norway but come on make it at least 50/50 it destroys the whole concept of the map and makes sniping even more useless. The conditions on the other maps look slightly better but still i would say 70% foggy/rainy/snowy.
  3. I can press X and it says the consumable will be queued, but nothing happens.
  4. Shiva1337

    Unfair "co-op"

    I know i tried yesterday for the first time duo with a friend, but we just couldnt find a match (for about 10 minutes). So i think as long as it is still a small community of players we have to wait. Im not an expert but how could it be stopped if both players decide to join the match at the same time? If you see duos just avoid them or use your chance to kill them both, thats actually not that hard if the conditions are right. Yesterday i had a firefight with duos i couldnt kill them, but i did some decent shots on one guy while having an open eye for the other one. They decided to leave, which was probably the smartest way, though i had around 30%hp left. ;)
  5. Shiva1337

    Frames issue, gen comments

    Ive also noticed a few glitches, I couldnt use my weapon again once i put it on my back no matter how hard i tried. I had to leave the match, happened 2 or 3 times. In another match i was jumping and sprinting out of the water, when i was out my character wouldnt sprint again for the whole match. I've often had situations when i was trying to kill someone with a knife. I just couldnt stab, it didnt even work in the shelter for some reason, and some animations still dont work properly. But most of the time it runs smooth. Not comparable with dayz i played back in 2014, it was so buggy and i bet it still is.
  6. You could add armor piercing bullets which penetrate through certain doors and/or certain walls, hollow points to inflict more damage to "soft targets". Those ammo has to be pretty expensive or just to be found on the battlefield. Not every weapon should have this option. Another thing i'd like to mention, before the update you could examine your bullets, see how they actually look, dont know why it has been removed from the game. I would like to see it back again.
  7. Shiva1337

    Radiation and Tutorial Confusion

    Why would you even care and stay in the game when the lootbox is dropped? I cant tell you because i never stay much longer in the game and i never died of radiation so you still have enough time to escape. Concerning the arrow, i wondered what it stands for, from my understanding the radiation immediately affects the whole area. It always starts to crackle just seconds after the drop.
  8. I was very lucky, one of my first blueprints was a g3 so i did everything to get my crafting table to lvl 7 in order to craft one. It has a huge recoil, so i only use single fire mode, you can hardly control this beast on full auto ;) but its very strong from mid to long range combat, in close combat i most likely dont stand a chance against the cheapest machine gun rifles. The akm is still my alltime favorite, its the best allrounder from close to long range combat. I wonder how the m1 will work out, ive got one in my shelter and tested it on the shooting range it is semi automatic has 30 rounds and almost non existing recoil. This weapon might be badass, anyone tried it out on the hunting ground yet? Shotguns were really strong before the update now they are worse almost noone plays with them. Ive had situations when someone shot me with the silver pigeon in close combat even in houses and he didnt finish me off, same with the remington 870 and vice versa. They should get a slighty improvement but not as strong as before the update. The pistols seem to be stronger than before which is good.
  9. The new update brought us a new variety of weapons but i wonder if some of them will end up in the trash can. For example the sks and the mosin, they are average in mid to lang range combat and completely useless in close combat. The experience shows that most of the gunplay is focused on close to mid range combat. there are lots of possibilitys to take cover and get away from the fight or sneak up from cover to cover to get to close combat. Dont get me wrong i like this style of gameplay but this makes some weapons useless. The experience also shows that noone runs around with them. When it comes to sniper rifles, they might be good for fjellkanten, maybe we could have similar maps in the future? Player tend to stalk someone from a distance and then rush in when the time is right and surprise the opponent in an ambush, atleast thats what i do sometimes and its very effective. But overall this game is really great, it would be a shame if they make this game a f2p it deserves more than that.
  10. running down the streets of Grontheim with no purpose but killing attached on his forehead. He is a predator. It is also said he has 30 Lootboxes in his shelter and he opens them just when he need materials, and 60 grenades to prepare for the storm. Oh well boy, you better watch out when you run down the streets of Grontheim.
  11. Shiva1337

    Favorite gun and why?

    The akm is my weapon of choice. It is by far the best assault rifle atm, cant wait to get my hands on the g3!