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  1. So I noticed in the tutorial that the arrow for the radiation on the map doesn’t seem to be what I initially thought and need clarification or want to at least make my situation aware if more people are confused by it. When I joined an encounter and saw that the radiation arrow was pointed to the upper left (northwest) of the map. My initial thought was; “okay, the radiation is going to move from bottom right to upper left and follow the direction the arrow was pointing. But after seeing the tutorial image on this, it seemed to direct me otherwise. I haven’t been able to test it very well in game yet but I’m wondering if anyone else is having confusion on this? Maybe the tutorial graphic or radiation arrow could be change to show this more clearly?
  2. I'm using a turtle beach headset and I must say this game sounds amazing! I'm also super stoked about the new door audio cues! But I am noticing one thing that's very distracting. Whenever I ADS and move my character around, my own footsteps sound like they're coming from behind me. It seriously scares the crap out of me everytime. I've slightly gotten used to it, but after coming back to the game from other titles, it still gets me once in awhile. Maybe it has to do with where the camera is being placed while aiming down sights. I'm posting because I did a quick search and didn't see other related posts. Thanks!
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    Minor Bugs and Annoyances

    I'm also receiving this audio glitch. No bolt audio when reloading and pulling the bolt back and forth.