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  1. Version 0.0.2 is out: https://steamcommunity.com/id/armamodfrance_build/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410
  2. Work In Progress #12 and the v_0.0.2 release this weekend Sunday around 5/6pm UTC. https://mod.arma3france.fr/2018/10/12/work-in-progress-12-vous-jouerez-avec-les-gilets-ce-dimanche/ CIRAS by OMA, texture by DerniersJours and coded by Lyy Amao
  3. Hi! We are a team of 53 guys doing the French Faction mod A to Z. We have so much 3D models going on that we need more integrators. It is an international team with a good spirit and we are fast to release! A lot of players are waiting for each build to be published - let's please them asap! Our discord Server: https://discord.gg/jam9wTq Check our work on: https://mod.arma3france.fr We also initiated that baby now managed by TC: https://mod.squadfrance.fr
  4. WARMACHINE Missions makers and Arma Mod France are now Partners! https://mod.arma3france.fr/2018/10/10/warmachine-est-desormais-partenaire-darma-mod-france/
  5. Hi, we are a team of 47 modders doing the French Faction Mod. We have a lot of 3D models ready to be integrated in game. We need more guys to handle the flow. If you feel you can help to code & to script and you are happy to join an international team of kind and talented people, then contact us. https://mod.arma3france.fr
  6. Hi all - I'm glad to tell you that we are now 47 modders and 68 with the testers, but here it is: we need more scripters / devs to integrate the 3D models, cause we have so much models to put in the game already. If you are, or know some talented guys experienced in scripting for Arma 3, let us know, we are open. It's an international team, so we mainly talk in English and help each others. It is a great group and as you can, we are numerous, so we are fast, very fast. Join us! You won't regret it! Your work will be played for years to come.
  7. Absolutely nothing to do with ofrp. It is a different team of 43 guys. By the way the next release V_0.0.2 will be October 14th 2018 end of the week!
  8. Thanks, it's the result of a partnership built with our Brazilian friends! (we will soon detail the partnership on a web page)
  9. Hi, V_0.0.1 has been released September 30th as planned. Check the video here: https://mod.arma3france.fr/2018/10/01/mise-a-jour-v_0-0-1-patriote/ The link is in the description of the video. We will provide the link to Steam and Armaholic later during the day.
  10. Hi, thank you for your interest in Arma Mod France - a non-commercial and free mod for all. 1. Yes! Probably before Christmas 2. Yes - all year long we will add more stuff to play. We are doing the FORAD as an OPFOR, so it will be equipped with some 90's assets, weapons, vehicles, etc. 3. All our models, including the VBCI are not frozen. Depending on request, we will add more options and versions. Don't forget that we are numerous this time ; more than 40 and people are still joining.
  11. Artist interpretation based on public documents.
  12. Please find the WIP #5 ! https://mod.arma3france.fr/2018/09/22/work-in-progress-5-pgm-hecate-ii-vab/
  13. Hi! Salut! This one is in french sorry :) Une interview de quelques modders par RackBoy sur sa chaîne. (FR)
  14. Thank you - I will tell the modeler! Models requirements are very close to say the least so you could use the models for both games, weapons or vehicles. It's quicker and easier to mod for Squad - no doubt - UE/Squad SDK are doing a huge part of the job. Would you join us :)? Thanks Korda! Thank you for your support Chicken and Kerozen! We could, but we decided to redo everything for technical reasons, rights management and because 3D Artists wanted to do their own beautiful models. We couldn't stop them! Yes Christian - it will be in the mod! As it now replaces the P4 and instructors in the army are dealing with the baby already.