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    Has anyone ever had this graphic issue beofre?

    I also forgot to add my new monitor I got a few months ago. It's the 24 inch Asus 3D monitor but I don't use 3D. It has 144hz refresh rate
  2. Bandit59007

    Has anyone ever had this graphic issue beofre?

    Mods were installed thru steamworkshop and then used the arma 3 mod launcher (vanilla) to activate them Here is my list of what my specs are: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/H6pfxG I don't feel like going thru and finding everything. I am using the latest video drivers for my video cards. I have the Radeon Settings control panel installed but I don't use it and I don't over clock anything. I have ran Fallout4 and ARK and have not had any issues at High settings
  3. Bandit59007

    Has anyone ever had this graphic issue beofre?

    UPDATE: Changed the Overall Quality from Very High to Standard and it appears normal but when I switch to anything higher than standard, It does the same thing again and that is with all mods unloaded and loaded
  4. Redownloaded Arma 3 and bought all expansions last night. Powered on computer today and was gonna work on a MP mission map till I saw this. They look like small ants leaving a trail. It effects it in game as well: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069521772/screenshot/949585778310830129 I did download some mods last night (ACE3, Chernarus Redux, CUP Core, CUP Terrains, a couple of plane mods, etc. (I did download a mod that does a particle illumination for flares and lights but I had removed that mod along with the ones listed). Not sure if those might be the issues but those mods were removed this morning when I noticed the weird effects. Any type of video setting changes that refreshes the screen to accept new changes, will only reset the issue. Anyone had this problem before and if so, how did you fix it? TIA