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  1. I have the ArmA karts dlc, so are there any good servers for racing?
  2. Sorry, but I didn't find anything that I was looking for in that. I'm looking for a relaxed server with people who are fairly new to the game that I can play with. Edit: I am not looking for extreme MilSim or realistic warfare type servers.
  3. Anything suitable for a beginner that wouldn't be too complex. I'm looking for something I can be a bit relaxed with, not super realistic.
  4. I actually have. I also know all the controls. I just need a server that I could play on as a beginner. Thanks for responding by the way.
  5. So, I have owned ArmA 3 for a while, (a bit more or less than a year, I sorta forgot...) but I haven't really played it much. I would like to play on a multiplayer server. The only issue is, I can't find any servers that are suitable for beginners like myself. Can anyone of you guys please direct me to some good beginner servers?