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  1. I'm trying to create a ace3 action on a door (selectionName = "door_3") but it does not work. The action is not on the door but on the building. I have placed a building in 3ditor (Varname = MyHouse) an run follow code in cosole: private _action = ["iV_DoorActions", "Breaching", "", {hint "DONE!"}, {true}, {}, [MyHouse], {MyHouse selectionPosition "door_3"}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [MyHouse, 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], _action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; I have tried all of the 3 options (Code for position, position array and selectionName string). Maybe someone has an idea?
  2. Hey @code34, I changed the separator according to your instructions because there were problems with a username. Changed as seen above. But after this changing the first loaded file on my server (userfile or campaignfile) doesn't loading. I can see this from the fact that the content is available and also from a variable, which shows me (in a hint) after loading whether everything has loaded correctly. If I deactivate the seperator changing function everything works fine.
  3. Problem is still active. Only the first contact after restarting server making problems. If I deactivate the seperator function everything works fine. // private _separator = "s|"; // ["setSeparator", _separator] call _inidbi; // will set separator as "|s|"
  4. I'm having problems with loading my profile. It happends only if I restart the server and joining as the first client. I'm using the newest version (2.06, with the 2.05 and not using the seperator function everything works fine). Called in initPlayerLocal.sqf params ["_caller", "_nameDB", "_playerName", "_hint"]; private _inidbi = ["new", _nameDB] call OO_INIDBI; private _separator = "s|"; ["setSeparator", _separator] call _inidbi; // will set separator as "|s|" private _fileExist = "exists" call _inidbi; private _text = "WELCOME - NEW PROFILE CREATED"; sleep 3; if (_fileExist) then { ... } else { ... }; Any ideas?
  5. I have something like this after the ACE3 update. Maybe it's your problem too?
  6. This only filters out buildings with positions.
  7. I'm having the same problems while using cba settings (import and I mean load too) in the editor. Usage with cba_settings.sqf works fine with the same exported code.
  8. ATM we are playing with ace_medical_playerDamageThreshold = 12 and ace_medical_spontaneousWakeUpChance = 0.6. We don't have huge problems with the unconsciousness. Maybe give it a try.
  9. Nice script! Would be nice if we had an option for blacklist areas by using a marker. I'm using ALiVE and have placed different markers for each area. So I can't whitelist them. Only the marker for the greenzone is the same every time and could therefore be blacklisted.
  10. iV - Ghost

    Enhanced Movement

    Hey @keeway, thanks for the fixed version. But I have some issues: 1. Key: If I'm using the kile467.bikey the mod is listed under the forbidden mods. And if I'm using the badbenson.bikey the players can use the original version and some are sitting in the air. Would be nice if we can force to use the fixed version only. 2. Settings: I have no Settings or Keys available in Optionen/Erweiterungen/Enhanced Movement (ACEX Fix).
  11. iV - Ghost

    Enhanced Movement

    Sitting is a feature from ACEX. But there are still some problems if you use ACEX with Enhanced Movement. If you are using both you will sitting 1m obove the chair.
  12. iV - Ghost

    Faction class name (russian spetsnaz)

    OK have found. Sorry "OPF_R_F"
  13. I'm looking for the faction class names from the new russian spetsnaz from the Contact DLC but cannot find. Anybody here who can help me?
  14. iV - Ghost

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Task Framework Tested without Mods. Same issue. Using the follow code: But if I use localize. It works but I have no Task icon on the map.
  15. iV - Ghost

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Task Framework Is it possible that the automatic translation in the task framework has stopped working since the update? My tasks are not translated anymore. I'm only see the placeholders in the new map view. And their is no description and no diary, etc in the map (left side). And I have no task icons anymore. STR_iV_TaskTitle_Decontamination