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  1. iV - Ghost

    Delete task from array

    For information: My workaround doesn't work because BIS_fnc_taskCompleted return false for open task and deleted tasks too. It does not work to counteract existing tasks with completed ones. I have created a ticket.
  2. iV - Ghost

    Delete task from array

    OK thanks for help. Tomorrow I will create a ticket. I had thought of it too. But I was not sure if it had to be that way for some reason. If it is not possible, I will try another workaround without deleting from array. I'll try to count the true's after using BIS_fnc_taskCompleted. And if the count true's == 1 I will delete _childTask & _parentTask. If not I only delete the _childTask. Could work. But it is not my first choice
  3. I'm trying to delete a subtask from a parenttask by using BIS_fnc_deleteTask. The task in the interface (map -> tasks) getting deleted but if I'm using ... _parentTask call BIS_fnc_taskChildren; ...my deleted subtask is still listed in the array. How can I delete them from this array too?
  4. iV - Ghost

    Enhanced Movement

    "Sitting in air" with ACEX and Enhanced Movement together is back for a while. Will this be fixed? We would like to use both mods (Enhanced movement and ACEX) again.
  5. REQUEST | ViewDistance Is it possible to add an option for setting the viewDistance for UAV's seperatly? The problem is that drones seem to be handled as a ground unit rather than an aircraft, and we've reduced the viewDistance for them for a better performance.
  6. @Ulfgaar: Sometimes not all xxx.dll's are loaded so I have to restart my game. Maybe the same problem?
  7. Unconscious: Is it possible to pendig of ace_medical_enableUnconsciousnessAI from the caliber and the hitbox (_selection)? For now our snipers are really frustated because every hit ends in unconsciousness.
  8. This seems to be the right way. Thx a lot for help.
  9. The problem is that completed tasks will not deleted from a parentTask. I have tried with BIS_fnc_taskCompleted but can't find the right way.
  10. How can I waitUntil all childTasks are completed? private _childTask = _parentTask call BIS_fnc_taskChildren; ...
  11. Dragging/Carrying Framework: If you want to stop carrying the chairs, you can do that with the following code called by the init.sqf: init.sqf execVM "scripts\StopCarrying.sqf"; StopCarrying.sqf // VARIABLES private _chairTypes = [ "Land_CampingChair_V2_F", "Land_CampingChair_V2_white_F", "Land_OfficeChair_01_F", "Land_ChairWood_F", "Land_CampingChair_V1_F", "Land_RattanChair_01_F", "Land_ChairPlastic_F" ]; // FIND ALL CHAIRS ON MAP private _halfMap = worldSize / 2; private _pos = [_halfMap, _halfMap]; private _radius = worldSize / 1.5; private _allChairs = nearestObjects [_pos, _chairTypes, _radius]; // SLEEP sleep 3; // DISABLE CARRY { [_x, false, [0, 0, 0], 0] call ace_dragging_fnc_setCarryable; } forEach _allChairs;
  12. Hey Wang, I know this but I have a lot of chairs over the whole maps and I think it could be a nice feature for people who can't code.
  13. Dragging/Carrying Framework: Disable drag and/or carry for an object in 3den editor would be a nice feature. Would use it for chairs so nobody could rearrange them. We playing with ACEX sitting.
  14. You can activate this (hunger & thirst) in the ACEX options (CBA Settings).
  15. iV - Ghost

    Heros Survive

    The missionNamespace is global. If you wanna use it you have to create a own variable for every player. You can add the UID or something else. But it looks like you can do this with the profileNamespace. onPlayerKilled.sqf // SAVE MONEY profileNamespace setVariable ["TAG_yourVariable", Her_L_Money]; onPlayerRespawn.sqf // LOAD MONEY Her_L_Money = profileNamespace getVariable "TAG_yourVariable"; Thanks for helping.