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  1. I want to set a large zone on US spawn and edit it as a restriction for Russia and/or FIA to prevent spawn killing. Same for the other teams so that, for example no US soldiers can get into that zone on FIA spawn .
  2. bent.toe

    How to add objectives in gamemaster?

    Hit left on d-pad and X on the faction you want to assign an objective, then move cursor anywhere on the map and press Y. You can also use custom settings on that placed marker by editing it..find Intel, destroy vehicle, rescue etc...
  3. So i downloaded the official C&H mod and fired game master from main menu. How do i enable it? It's not under system, it's not in scenario menu, it's not pickable holding Y button on scenario..just same move, hold, capture, sieze. How can i play it? Am i in "wrong" game master? I know that you can either find a server and join, vote yourself for GM or hit game master on main menu and choose play/continue.
  4. So i wanted to try and make a C&H in Regina on Xbox servers (ending with 7489) So i put down a US spawn on one side of the town and a FIA spawn on the opposite side of town. Then i sat objective sieze in the middle of town for both teams (one blue and one green). Now..in order for not one of the team making it there first and "win" i placed one FIA A.I rifleman in a building within the capture/objective point and did the same with a US A.I in another building. (Both teams present within the capture circle) That locked everything, my soldier could not spawn in, i could not move A.I to other parts, could not give orders to A.I. I could open the the properties and entities, and when placing them they turned white/transparent but wasn't really placed or useable (like build mode in conflict I guess). After 3-4 minutes it crashed and i got booted. Joined the server again and everything was removed. Is it possible in anyway to create a C&H with what we got now?
  5. Any Nordic players playing? Maybe get together and do some co-op missions?
  6. bent.toe

    AI sees too far!

    Just now i took a jeep up to the airfield and parked it maybe 700 meters from the fence, crouch walked up to the "helipad" thingy, across the base on west side, lay down in the grass and crawled up to some bushes so that i could see the tents with binoculars...and as i predicted..A.I had already noticed me and was on look out and moving closer...within roughly 200 meters bullets where whizzing by.. How is it possible to sneak up on A.I in this game? No problem driving a jeep full speed in to their base..3 or 4 of them firing in another direction while at least one is running straight in to the headlights like a deer. Yes.. A.I (among other things) need some rework. On the topic of A.I, do more soldiers spawn the more you build around the camp? Usually don't see more than 3 of them once it's captured.
  7. Hi community, I just gotta ask if you experience the same as me (I'm on Xbox and just recently bought Arma reforger) on PC. When looking around the body drags behind/reset/adjust in the direction your looking. So for instance, i crouch and look right, after a second the body moves in that direction (adjust accordingly) with a really annoying animation that follows where the screen moves and arms/weapon also flinch (from body movement). Kinda hard to explain but it puts the whole smoothness off. And i only play in first person. In-doors and tight spaces are even worse where it feels like the body collides with walls, furniture etc. When i jump into hell let loose or insurgency it feels so much more smooth in movement. Is this a "realistic" feature in Arma? Did bohemia do this on purpose? Was it like this in the last engine and in Arma 3? How does it feel with a MnK? Maybe playing on a controller makes it even worse as it feels more of a lag/hiccup everytime i turn around/look in a different direction.
  8. bent.toe

    Team Balancing, Vote Kick

    I can only speak for myself..but i absolutely hate the Russian uniforms...shit brown topped with a ugly helmet. So i never pick Russia when playing. FIA are much cooler...they should be default in versus modes.
  9. Well, i thought it was ok in DayZ but in this game with much more A.I enemies and other players, i feel it's a distraction and unnecessary. Each to his own i guess
  10. Well, i play Hunt Showdown (perma death and extremely hardcore) and it has a compass top middle. Same with hell let loose, only bottom middle. You don't want a compass in Arma reforged but your ok with a hud showing mags, zero distancing and fire mode? As i said... somethings need compromise to real life in order to work well.
  11. Hi community and developers. Love the game and most of us are grateful to finally be able to play the Arma series on console. But ..and it's a big but. Developers need to look at other fps games and how they successfully adapted the control scheme to work with a game pad. Going your own way thinking this will be intuitive or groundbreaking in fluid controls...usually don't work. We as console players are used to the most universal layout used in shooters..it goes like this: (Only using Xbox layout this time around) A = jump/vault B = crouch/prone X = reload/interact Y = switch weapons Left trigger = aim Right trigger = fire Left trigger press down (L3)= sprint Right trigger press down (R3) = melee D-pad for quick access and or chat/ping Right bumper = grenades Left bumper = chat/ping or weapon wheel Left trigger + L3 (press left analog down) lean left. Left trigger + R3 (press right analog down) lean right. This is the basics. Now, you got some of it right but other stuff are horrible and far from intuitive. Even if it's a milsim it must be smooth and fun to play. Milsim means one wrong step and your dead...you can not have a weird control layout. Muscle memory takes time. Imagine if PC players was forced to play with the arrow keys instead of wasd..or if space bar could not be bind to jump or action. It could work ..but would take getting used to. Now, with that said, here are my idea on a good setup (please reply and let them know your prefered layout). A = jump/vault B = crouch/prone X = reload/interact Y = switch weapons Left trigger = aim Right trigger = fire D-pad for quick slots Left trigger press down (L3)= sprint Right trigger press down (R3) = activate chat on or off Left bumper hold for = weapon wheel and channel switch (navigate with right analog and release) Right bumper = hold for free look Left trigger + L3 (press left analog down) lean left while aiming Left trigger + R3 (press right analog down) lean right while aiming. For me it would be ok if i could only go full lean.. i don't use lean adjustments. The rest of the controls as it is now works with the buttons (double press third person etc). What we console players often ask for is an X and Y slider seperatly so that we can tweak both horizontal and vertical aiming. Having just one slider for both is a recipe for disaster and just ends in horrible aimcontrol and micro adjustment in long distance firefights. The other major problem i have is the sluggish and weird animations/movement. My controller and my actions don't seem attached to the character. For instance, when i crouch and look around (not free look) the body follows after awhile..the body adjust after where i look in a sluggish way. When sprinting it's slower when looking around, not as responsive. Hard to put into words. But this have been in every bohemia game I've played so i guess it's the engine. You seriously need to play and test it more with a controller. Hire some console gamers for a summer job and let them try it out. Some random points, both new and what we talked about. 1. No "save loadout" in conflict. Re-arm every time you respawn. 2. Custom controls 3. Tighter controls and less clunky movement/aiming 4. Mods for multiplayer 5. Russian camo or allow to use FIA in C&H and conflict. Seriously..the Russians look ugly in their brown 1972 "suit" and helmet. The FIA at least look cool. 6. Scope option for AR, 2x or 3x 7. Vault needs an overhaul, very clunky. 8. When crouched and looking around, the character does all kinds of weird follow up movements. Distracting. 9. Better ballistics and explosions. 10. Switch between weapons on Y. 11. X/Y aim option seperatly 12. Game master C&H and bounderis to fight in just specific parts of the map. 13. Loadout screen and save option at main menu. Would be so much easier (still available to change in game/on server of course). 14. A.I can spot you way to easily in bushes. Needs rework. 15. More camouflage options for both factions 16. APC and more armored options. 17. Friend and lobby invite. 18. Stay on server once the game is won/lost and wait for reload/match restart. 19. Fuel consumption? Vehicle damage? Right now i can hit a tree going 100km/h and just reverse and keep going. 20. Cross play with PS5 once it's released 21. Attachment on weapons like flashlight or grips. 22. ( I know i will get flamed for this) A fully rotational compass on the bottom middle screen for easier call outs during hectic firefights. (It's a game..some advantages to real life must be added). Thank you for reading. PS. My thumbs hurt..typing from a mobile phone
  12. bent.toe

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    I'm still looking for an Arma3 substitute on X1X or PS4pro... nothing. Oh well, next-gen around the corner so here's hoping we get some milsim openworld stuff by 2021.
  13. bent.toe

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    From the release of console versions we funded the continituity (can't spell) of the PC version.
  14. bent.toe

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    Based on what? As i said... DayZ on consoles helped fund the whole PC version. BI made millions on xbox/ps4 version. Money they can spend on fixing the PC version.