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  1. Do you plan on having more guns in the game as well as scopes,muzzles, more clothing? If so can we get a road map so we kinda have an idea of what your plans are? Or is thing going to be in the so dayz black while we’re we are forgot about for 2 years and then comeback to it?
  2. WOLFxMANx

    Maps switching every 3 days!

    Maps are still on five day rotation as of new map released
  3. WOLFxMANx


    It’s not about how many people are after you, learn to play against them! I see this everyday, And everyday I Reck them, Use cover and don’t go Automatic use single shot and pea shoot there ass while they are trying to sprey you down. Remember if you get used to killing to you are going to be a champ in the solo game! I have played against a 4 man and still made it out with the drop! It’s all about your style little homie. Remember the shooting is a little goofy in this game so jump dunk dodge bullets like they are nothing keep moving and you will win every fight I have 20+ of each gun because now I found that the knife game is so much better because it’s 3 Stab ko! Learn to move and learn cover and this won’t worry you anymore.
  4. WOLFxMANx

    After beta

    Well I won’t be to upset because they are only letting us get to base six and aside for the generator Taking 6 hours I won’t mind losing shit but losing all my blueprints will suck :/ I’m only missing grenade bp that’s it
  5. WOLFxMANx

    Dynamic Weather System Volume

    Just something you adjust to the rain is loud inside my house when it rains each map has a new challenge. It’s called hardcore survival.
  6. WOLFxMANx

    After beta

    This is something we need to know! Please answer.
  7. WOLFxMANx

    Can someone give me control sensitivity advice

    Go into setting then click advanced and look for ads and turn the sens down until you like it.
  8. WOLFxMANx

    VIGOR X FILES I think I just saw a Ghost ????

    Probably ran down the hill you are on that’s a little drop down right there.
  9. WOLFxMANx

    Map Rotation

    There was a second map yesterday. You need to remember one thing you are in a preview so it’s EARLY stages. The maps are not fast at all, you move to slow if you think that. The maps are kinda small so 10 mins is fine. Pretty sure they said they have ideas of having it go on with more airdrops but why be in a tiny map any longer when it’s already barren as is you don’t want to run into an already looted building.
  10. WOLFxMANx

    Crafting aids

    Can we get an option to craft Multiple at once crafting one bandage at a time is a little on the bla side
  11. WOLFxMANx

    Map Rotation

    Can we please get another map! One left and now we are forced to play one barren map that is almost empty. If you are going to have two maps going keep to maps going? Please and thanks