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  1. MikeyBStard

    Win 11 Stop Errors

    Traced it to Battleye crashing. Let you know if I find a fix other then disabling it.
  2. MikeyBStard

    Win 11 Stop Errors

    Guess someone had to be first ... Upgraded to Win 11 Arma crashes with Stop errors almost immediately after launching (no mods or DLC selected). Stop error shows a different filename having issues each time. Any ideas?
  3. What are some common items that the Mod will accept as the Night Signal .... Been trying a few different items and it seems to ignore them all?
  4. MikeyBStard

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    @George Apologies if this has been asked before and I missed it.... I'm playing around with the Random Missions script (awesome work BTW) but with the changes to WaitUntil I keep seeing issues with the waitUntil {count list _Trigger_Present > 4}; waitUntil {count list _Trigger_Present < 3}; lines in the Check Task section. Any advice?
  5. MikeyBStard

    Boxer M.I.V

    Yes please.
  6. MikeyBStard

    After update "Missing signatures"

    I'm seeing the same thing.... Mods not working with signature issues. Tried fully removing and replacing on server and client with no success. 😢
  7. Love the VCOM mod. keep up the great work. Been seeing a few of the following errors lately... Not sure if its from the VCOM updates isNil {(waypoints _Group) select 1} || {!(((waypoints _Group) sele> 18:06:22 Error position: <select 1} || {!(((waypoints _Group) sele> 18:06:22 Error Zero divisor 18:06:42 Error in expression <OVEMENT} && {
  8. MikeyBStard

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Happy to report that after identifying a few mismatched mod versions between Client and Server I can access my server again... Thanks
  9. MikeyBStard

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Another instance of the Session Lost issue. Deleted Cache.ch - no difference
  10. MikeyBStard

    Custom Combat Patrol

    Love the mod.... It seems that even though I have all the BIS_CP entries in my Init.sqf set to nil for Vanilla that having BIS _CP_enemy_Faction set to 2 (random) or choosing AAF in mission parameters always gives CSAT troops as the enemy faction?? Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?
  11. MikeyBStard

    Ransomized Start Time and Weather

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback
  12. Hi guys, A rather late comer to ARMA 3 here. I've set up a decidated server and currently have it cycling through the Combat Patrol missions. Is there an easy way to make the Start Time and Weather settings random without having to log in as Admin and change them?? Thanks in advance