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  1. When I played the closed beta the game felt pretty smooth when joining a server, but recently I have noticed it takes longer before the game feels smooth after joining. And I am not thinking about the black screen and "startup" when entering a server, but after this. The choppyness can last for up to a couple of minutes running around. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. killumiden

    possible overheat issue

    I actually had a shutdown yesterday, turned on my Xbox One 1.gen, started the game and it started loading, and then the whole thing turned off. Had to hard reboot it and pulling the powerplug.
  3. killumiden


    That is good to know, yesterday I killed 3 guys clearly teamed up, but what do you know, there was a fourth one popping out. Had a little "coooomeee ooooon, really?"-moment there :P
  4. killumiden

    Maps switching every 3 days!

    This is much better, thank you! :)
  5. killumiden

    My own experience of Vigor

    Oh yes! :P And another ting, when you get the "jam" on a gun, I have still have gotten hits, haha. A couple of times I have killed someone by not shooting them because of a "jam".
  6. killumiden

    Teaming up?!

    When I played the closed beta, I played with a friend. Simply just joining the same map at the same time seems to do it. And then we met up at a location we picked. A couple of times we got into different servers.
  7. killumiden

    My own experience of Vigor

    On a distance, I don´t feel like accuracy is a problem, but when you get on a few meters, it is horrible.
  8. killumiden

    Teaming up?!

    This is an issue, and the devs are looking into it as I understand. They have also said that there will be some sort of DUO mode coming. People teaming up is frustrating for sure.
  9. killumiden


    Same here, if I go for a drop, I wait it out. And I agree, map size would be too small for a squad of 4. I think DUO is the way to go anyway, to keep that edge you are on every time you go out looting. A squad would take that edge off and make you feel safer from other players.
  10. killumiden

    Execute with Knife

    "You stole my ramen!" - stab, stab, stab.
  11. Yeah, there must be some rendering distance set I guess. So it is an issue :)
  12. killumiden

    FJELLKANTEN hidden tunnel

    Ooh, that is awesome! Great find!
  13. killumiden

    August 1st Dev Stream

    Yeah, but I am a little worried, because with so little content at the moment, this game could quickly turn "old". I am hoping for some more content very soon, or else I think they might loose players.
  14. killumiden

    One suggestion for the developers.

    Haha, cool! I have actually never been to Tromsø, but there are similar environments further down south. I get a homefeel here too, thats probably one of the biggest reasons I play this game at the moment, hehe.
  15. killumiden

    My own experience of Vigor

    I agree, when I want to go for a looting-run, I equip a knife only. And then just run for it. Damage seems very good now imo. as well.