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    3CB BAF Weapons

    After checking with the ACE guys it seems as you said your NLAW has native compatibility from the ACE launcher. They remove the vanilla lock on ie the diamond and replace it with their holding tab and tracking the vehicle to get the projectile to curves in that direction. The confusion has come about as it seems that in an older version of BAF Weapons it wasn't using the ace compatibility therefore keeping the vanilla lock-on feature.
  2. The_Elkin

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I'll need to look into this with the server admin as I'm not 100%. But another thing have you guys changed the NLAW so it can no longer lock onto vics with T? The diamond no longer appears all I can do with it is make it curve when holding TAB before firing or was this broken by an ace update?
  3. The_Elkin

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hey Guys , I'm sure you've been asked this before but do you know if its a bug or am I doing something wrong in terms of the weapons tripod and L16 mortar parts as when I remove them from my launcher slot to drop them on the ground they stay in the bag form therefore not allowing me to build said mortar or mounted GPMG. This only happens on our dedicated server so can you think of anything that is stopping the bag swapping over into its dropped form after a second? I've tried these both out in a hosted mp mission from my pc and they switch perfectly fine so it doesn't seem to be a mod conflict maybe a setting somewhere on the sever side?
  4. The_Elkin

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hey Guys. Any idea if and or when we will be able to place scopes back on the L7A2?
  5. Hi is there any fix/solution to ACRE2 un-muting my mic when I mute it in teamspeak 3 while in an arma 3 server?