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  1. UnlixGhost

    Talk about getting double teamed

    This happened to me too. Actually, I attempted to get my friend in the game with me and it seemed to work for the first 30 seconds. To test if it's a regional lock, she joined and was quickly booted. So its possible to join some maps, probably because player count in regions is so low. This duo's thing needs to either stop now, or give us the option for duos now. Also, did you see how firing his rifle was just disappointing. That needs to be addressed.
  2. UnlixGhost

    Can we make melee less robust

    You're right! We both might have been extra mean. Though it should give some thought to the devs. What's that saying, "... you never really loved someone until you wanted to kill em." It means that if we're this passionate about the game, its probably because it has so much more potential. Like, the perfect marriage of PUBG, Fallout, & Division. Dude, this is Fallout 76 but early access and I'm loving it!
  3. I don't know if it's too little resources or just not enough patience. This time I lost all my loot because I glitched into a piece of furniture. The game should have some fault tolerance. I understand if it's for anti- cheating measures but this is frustrating. The time before that loss, it was because the game kicked me out of the session. I'd love to keep playing past these issues because it seems to only affect some of the player base. The truth is... there not enough reward in the amount of loot you can grab vs loss. You'll reach a point where you cannot craft items, and you are inserted into the game, near someone else who does have a gun and you die. Only to continually repeat this process, unless you scavenge a short amount of items and extract. Was the game intended to be this meticulous and repetitive when it comes to scavenging? Also, I waited a whole day for the materials to generate out the south side of the house. Only 40 pieces out of a 100 after 12 hrs. How are we supposed to update/upgrade the house if the game is being as stingy with progression as Fortnite was at pre-order. This is a preview and if this is any indication of how micromanaging the game will be. Well State of Decay 2 already fills that requirement for me.
  4. I don't know if there's enough players per map. I normally run into 2 other players most games. I've noticed that a survival strategy players are using (talking about on these forums) is to leave the map early by simply avoiding other players. This could in part be due to the fact that shooting a gun sucks right now. There's no incentive for players to engage when the randomness of the game is so... random! The drop is predetermined - and that's not random! So what should be random isn't and what shouldn't be... is? Well, we can try that some more, or, maybe the devs focus on these QOL issues first and we can expand on game ideas second. Like getting players incentives for engaging more... I believe the game - excluding improper provisioning of services - the game map could support 24 players with heavy material density. But would probably work best with 16 players and med-heavy material density.
  5. Has anyone else had the issue where bullet grouping is just nonexistent? Did you have really bad lag at the time? Did you notice that the gun "jams" and then fired randomly several seconds after the trigger pull - like a misfire? I've been experiencing this a lot lately.
  6. Please make sure to limit the cross posting. Also be aware that most of the conversations here probably belong under the "Suggestions & Feedback" section. We could benefit from the discussion there. This would eliminate cross posting, and a duplication of work. There's a lot of info in the forums and we all want to make the game better. Let's work together to provide consistent and concise information so it can be quickly disseminated by the devs and all contributing parties. UnlixGhost
  7. UnlixGhost

    Adding patch notes to title screen?

    Definitely this! Console gamers like as much feedback as possible; so they can orient themselves in what issues may be present. Having info available at the title screen is always helpful. We understand that having your recognition is important, but including credits as a menu option instead of useful player data is a bit much. Recognition will come when players are telling other players how awesome the game is because the Devs listen to user feedback. Let your work do the talking.
  8. UnlixGhost

    Can we make melee less robust

    Dude, I just posted about not only dying because I was knifed, but because I was knifed while shooting the player point-blank-in-his-face. WTF? I also talk about bullet grouping in a different post. It makes you wonder if they even considered this stuff during initial development cycle.
  9. On Twitter you welcomed constructive criticism. It's hard not to be constructive and flame off on a game when the issues are this blatant. Its difficult for me to comprehend that you have not done any QA for your infrastructure. If this is-us quality testing the game for you, how about we get some feedback from the dev's or a moderator on your forums? How about a quick patch so we can see some incarnation of the game that doesn't have game breaking issues? When I just killed a dude cause I was lucky my gun didn't jam, only to die because a guy knifed me after I shot him point blank in the face. I'd consider that to be game breaking. Did the issues not come up when you tested? I'm all for positivity but when you can't even play the damn game cause it's seriously not ready. Its not easy, the game has so much potential - but it just seems to be getting harder to see with such deep rooted issues. - UnlixGhost
  10. It seems like grouping on the bullets when firing is basically nonexistent. You can be point blank and fire an entire magazine into a player and it's like paper bullets. Also when using iron sights, I can't get the bullets to follow a straight line.
  11. It seems like the ADS can be refined. Movement when using ADS seems to be gross movement & not fine movement. Meaning you move 2.5 game titles when trying to aim down sights when strafing and it significantly impacts where your rounds go. The latency also is frustrating.
  12. UnlixGhost

    Hitching & Stuttering

    First, let me say fucking kudos! You guys worked together, and because of it, we gained some insight: 1. That the forum needs to be labelled XBOX Exclusive. 2.This is not to exclude PC gamers, because their knowledge and experience is invaluable. Also they already have experience with this developers quarks. Such as DayZ or Arma 3 2. PC players be aware that these are console gamers, their knowledge is also valuable. Getting information from non-technical people helps drive user experience and UI/UX theory. New insights gained from their subjective experience will help improve experience across all player domains for quality of life issues. 3. I also did not think to get a video of it. Im an idiot but now I know! !!!!** 4. The most important, I also noticed that it started occurring later in the game. Either it's a backend issue when player density increases and they under provisioned services or the different regions are intermingled during matchmaking services and let's be honest. Not all connections are made equal. *****!!!!!!!
  13. UnlixGhost

    Couldn you add a metric for knowing ping?

    I shortened your quote just so we can focus on the fact that you're right. Console gamers tend to receive less useful info for self-diagnostics. We sure could benefit from Tx: NN ms Rx: NN ms. Or ↕️60:70 ms. Some variation that let's us know what the in-game connection metric is. That would help determine if you need to exit that current session. Geo-Fencing users based on either ping as a metric or originating block IP address (regional) would be good as well.
  14. The progress in the upgrade process of your home base is taking too long in the preview. Can you perform a hot patch of the game? So we can upgrade our bases quicker and get a better idea of what we can expect through progression.
  15. Can you add a counter or meter of the ping of the server we are connected/connecting to?