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  1. From what I've read from different sources, enemy uses increasingly larger number and higher "tier" units, proportionally with their alert level. But the alert level decreased to 30 and we still encounter many tanks, choppers etc.
  2. Wow, I was like "whuut??". It took me a few reads to understand. Thanks man! EDIT: It works but I figured out I'm forced to run the switch unconditionally anyway, since I can't assign team while in map. It won't "refresh" :) A "teamAssigned" event handler would've been perfect...
  3. I'm new to modding Arma so if the code looks strange it's because I haven't found clear documentation and didn't have time to compensate with experience. I can't figure out why my script stops executing in certain cases. TL;DR I have a while (true) in which there's a for loop, so pretty intensive. Initially I thought it simply quits because it's too much work. It happened before. But the problem is that it runs just fine with extra code executing unconditionally but it just won't run when I simply condition that code within a simple if. So it's not about logic/algorithm. Now the code: aidMarkers.sqf: hint "beginning.."; #define MAX_UNITS 20 private _units = []; private _prevUnitsCount = 0; private _unitsCount = 0; private _u; private _i = 0; private _id = 0; private _idMrks = []; private _idMrkCurr; private _doColors = true; getUnitId = { private ["_vvn", "_str"]; _vvn = vehicleVarName _this; _this setVehicleVarName ""; _str = str _this; _this setVehicleVarName _vvn; parseNumber (_str select [(_str find ":") + 1]) }; updateMarkers = { for "_i" from 0 to MAX_UNITS do { if(_i < (_unitsCount)) then { _u = _units select _i; _id = _u call getUnitId; _idMrkCurr = _idMrks select (_id -1); _idMrkCurr setMarkerPosLocal position (_units select _i); switch(typeOf _u) do { case "B_Soldier_lite_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_1"}; // rifle lite case "B_Soldier_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_regular"}; // rifle case "B_Soldier_GL_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_gren"}; // grena case "B_soldier_AR_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_autor"}; // autorifleman case "B_soldier_M_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_mark"}; // marksman case "B_soldier_LAT_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_2"}; // rifle AT case "B_soldier_exp_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_regular"}; case "B_Helipilot_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_3"}; case "B_soldier_AT_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_regular"}; // miss spec AT case "B_soldier_AA_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_1"}; case "B_crew_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_3"}; case "B_sniper_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_sniper"}; case "B_helicrew_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_3"}; case "B_Pilot_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_3"}; case "B_HeavyGunner_F": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_hg"}; default {_idMrkCurr setMarkerTypeLocal "si_regular"}; }; if(_doColors == true)then ////////// <- this is the culprit ////////////////////////////// { switch(assignedTeam _u) do { case "MAIN": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorWhite"}; case "RED": {_idMrkCurr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"}; case "GREEN" : {_idMrkCurr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorGreen"}; case "BLUE" : {_idMrkCurr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue"}; case "YELLOW" : {_idMrkCurr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorYellow"}; default {_idMrkCurr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorWhite"}; }; }; sleep (1/_unitsCount); }; }; _doColors = false; }; resetMarkers = { for "_i" from 0 to MAX_UNITS do { (_idMrks select _i) setMarkerPosLocal [-10000, -10000]; (_idMrks select _i) setMarkerTypeLocal "errer"; (_idMrks select _i) setMarkerColorLocal ColorBlack; }; }; // create markers for "_i" from 0 to MAX_UNITS do { _idMrks pushBack createMarkerLocal [(str (_i + 1)), [-10000, -10000]]; (_idMrks select _i) setMarkerSizeLocal [0.85,0.85]; (_idMrks select _i) setMarkerTypeLocal "errer"; (_idMrks select _i) setMarkerTextLocal str (_i + 1); }; // MAIN while{true} do { if(visibleMap)then { if(alive player) then { _units = units player; _unitsCount = count _units; if(_prevUnitsCount != _unitsCount) then { call resetMarkers; }; if((_unitsCount) > 1)then { call updateMarkers; }; _prevUnitsCount = _unitsCount; }; } else { _doColors = true; // optimize! sleep 1; }; }; In the code look for the culprit at "/////////////////////". So if I just execute the switch anyway (i.e. no if condition) it runs fine. Otherwise it runs a few lines then it terminates at first iteration. FWIW this is called by an execVM in another script.
  4. There are different technical posts out there stating SP play (I can't give links). I thought in those cases "SP" would matter... anyway, thanks.
  5. I've heard KP Liberation can also be played in SP. I googled but couldn't find related info. I copied the pbo in missions and it kinda worked, except for when I die I won't respawn - it just says the regular "you died" and on "restart"-ing it actually restarts from when I initially started as if nothing has been saved. Any help?
  6. Thanks. Awesome RTS-ness addition.
  7. I've been playing KP Liberation for a week and me and my dudes won't play anything else. Still have to figure out a couple of things though. One is: in the old (0.924?) version manpower freed up when AI died and I was wondering if the same is possible with supplies, in this version. We've raided an outpost 3 times and we lost all our men and supplies. The sectors get reset whereas we don't. So it's like a lost cause from here on.