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  1. So, I'm not finding a satisfactory answer so far going through the forum history. I've been simply testing a number of maps to see how they would load into an Exile server. Many maps load without any significant problems. However, a few generate the following error message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.XXXX Where 'XXXX' would be the map name. Two maps, as examples, that are causing this error are Montella and South Asia. Granted these are unfinished maps, but obviously there must be something that has to be added or edited in the files to not get this error. I'm using Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool (TADST) to start the server. I'm not loading any other mods but Exile, Exileserver, and each map in question (plus any required mods that the map uses such as CUP Terrains Core and/or others) each time I start up a server. Does anyone have a complete explanation as to why some maps work and why some generate this error? Does this config.bin file have to be somewhere with the map files? Or is this somewhere else? The topics in the Bohemia Wiki on CfgWorlds have no explanation. (The Wiki is notorious for being incomplete, even on topics that have been discussed for years.) One explanation that was given in the forums was that the mods had to load in a specific order. Well, I disproved that by letting TADST choose the sequence and I have had cases where the map loads before the CUP Terrains Core mod without any problems.
  2. I have a feeling it is a problem with the original map that is missing some elements in its configuration file, but am not sure. I'll post the list of all maps that create this error.
  3. @Dedmen - that's not the issue...
  4. So this has obviously been a problem for a few years now. I can understand a vehicle hitting another at high speeds possibly exploding (from the damage). But when two vehicles hit at low speeds? Seriously? This has been an ongoing problem for years. At a bare minimum make sure Arma IV doesn't have this problem. But I don't understand how this couldn't have been fixed in Arma III by now.
  5. After all the updates to Arma 3, why is the 'Destroy' waypoint still NOT functioning? Example: in the editor, I positioned an aircraft about 15 km away from a military building (a cargo outpost). My first waypoint for the aircraft is to fly in the direction of the target, my second waypoint for it is a DESTROY waypoint right on (i.e. you can see the circular cursor show its little arrows inwards at the building label) the target. Plane (an A-164 with bombs and missiles) flies in and does NOTHING. I haven't seen this work for ages and many people OVER THE YEARS have complained. I know that everyone will say 'you have to write a script.' That's NOT what my complaint is about. It's about Bohemia's incapability to make an evident feature that we should be able to use in the Eden Editor actually work.
  6. Is there a simple way to get all the class names of all the objects in any specific mod? Something that would simply generate a text list?
  7. SwissArmy1984

    GF Vegetation Replacement Script - Mod

    I'm thinking of maps that have lots of bushes and replacing those with trees. For example, Altis or Lythium. To turn them into more 'temperate climate' maps. This could create a greater variety of maps off the current ones.
  8. SwissArmy1984

    GF Vegetation Replacement Script - Mod

    Great way to build forests on a map that doesn't have enough.
  9. @Muzzleflash - we'll definitely check this. Thanks!
  10. Hi, with a buddy of mine, we've been testing how far the AI react and fire at a player unit. We've found that the AI don't engage beyond 750 meters, and it doesn't matter what kind of weapon they have. This is ridiculous. If the AI have any sniper weapons, DMRs, or machine guns (all with scopes, of course), they should easily engage beyond the 750 meters. A few years ago 'L_etranger' put up his "Duckhunting" mod in Armaholic that supposedly increased the engagement range of AI by modifying the config of the weapons to increase their range. With all the Arma updates since, this no longer works. Maximizing the AISkills does NOT work either. Is there ANY WAY to increase the distance at which AI engage enemy, whether enemy AI or players? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. SwissArmy1984

    "ArmaModeClass" - where can I find it?

    My sense is that the Wiki page is poorly written and needs a serious rewrite without the assumption that the audience are experts. What I gather from the "min/mid/maxRange..." title plus the attempt at a description is that: 1. the data elements "minRange" and "minRangeProbab" indicate the minimum range of the weapon and the probability that an AI will use that weapon at the minimum range, respectively. 2. the data elements "midRange" and "midRangeProbab" indicate the medium range of the weapon and the probability that an AI will use that weapon UP TO the medium range, respectively. Medium range is actually the interval between "minRange" and "midRange". 3. the data elements "maxRange" and "maxRangeProbab" indicate the maximum range of the weapon and the probability that an AI will use that weapon UP TO the maximum range, respectively. Maximum range is actually the interval between "midRange" and "maxRange". The Range and RangeProbab values can be enhanced by the type of optic used in combination with the weapon. You see this when looking at the CfgWeapons data when doubleclicking on a specific weapon in Eden Editor's Tool->Config Viewer. NB: the sub-standard Wiki and the lack of a proper, well written "Programming in SQF for Arma 3 for Dummies", which should truly be written by Bohemia with moderated input by the scripting experts out there, are a pet peev of mine. Bohemia in my view is making a real business mistake by not supporting the modding community in a much more organized and greater extent.
  12. On the Arma 3 Wiki page for the subject "CfgWeapons Config Reference" I went down to the alphabetical list of the different elements of a config file and found 7 references to a "Class" named "ArmaModeClass". I went into the editor to look at the Config listing and could not find any element for the CfgWeapons listing for any weapon that referenced ArmaMode or ArmaModeClass. Doing a search on the Wiki for "ArmaModeClass" sent me back to the same page. There is no reference anywhere else. Where can I find ArmaModeClass and the elements (and their values)??? I'm specifically trying to modify the values for the following (taken from the page): min/mid/maxRange... Class ArmaModeClass Type Integer Description Together with range and rangeProbab values, defines probability to use this weapon for AI units at given distance. For OFP these parameters were specified in cfgAmmo, rendering all rifles the same. Can anyone help?
  13. Update: so we did some more testing and it seems that the problem is coming from the Exile mod itself, specifically the server files. Normal Arma WILL have AI engage you at long distances based on the CfgWeapons data of the specific weapon + optics (if any) combination. Couldn't find any parameters in the Exile server files, though, that creates this 750 meter limitation. Question has been moved to the Exilemod forums in the General Discussion and Problem - Serverside sections.
  14. Try these videos from DayZ Medic. Only using the Eden Editor MAY get you part of the way.
  15. SwissArmy1984

    GF Building Replacement Script - Mod

    George, this is great stuff. I'm going to try it out on the South Asia map (from Take on Helicopters) where there are hundreds of unenterable or pre-Arma rendition buildings that have enterable versions that could replace them.
  16. Very useful, Gunter, but if you can, please indicate the date of the thread you're referencing. With all the updates over time of Arma 3, some of the responses given, especially when referencing mods older than the last few updates, will not work anymore.
  17. SwissArmy1984

    AI spot distance

    VTS Duckhunt doesn't seem to work anymore. With all the Arma 3 updates since 2015, a lot of things developed so long ago don't work.
  18. The only data element I have found referenced that could potentially affect the engagement distance is the following, taken from the "CfgWeapons Config Reference" of the Bohemia Arma 3 Wiki (quoting from the page): min/mid/maxRange... Class ArmaModeClass Type Integer Description Together with range and rangeProbab values, defines probability to use this weapon for AI units at given distance. For OFP these parameters were specified in cfgAmmo, rendering all rifles the same. Where is this ArmaModeClass? I looked at the CfgWeapons listings in the Eden Editor and could find no reference to it. Anyone know and have experience with this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  19. The Exile server is the TNA Lythium map Exile server. It uses DMS for mission generation. We've done dozens of tests engaging the mission AI from open line of sight positions. The AI don't engage beyond 750m. We're trying to find a way to modify things so the AI will at least attempt to engage (with the appropriate weapons) at whatever distance the player engages them. {TNA}Exile LYTHIUM PVE server name We have 3 TNA servers using three different maps where this problem repeats itself.
  20. We've tested this extensively in exposed situations. We've also set the AI to max AI Skills. No change. They look at you, but they don't shoot. Even the static MGs don't outside of 750m.
  21. So, we have an Exile server. The AI units on there don't engage targets beyond 750 meters, no matter what weapon they're using. The AI units are in missions created by DMS. It would be realistic for them to at least shoot with whatever appropriate weapons they have (sniper rifles, DMRs, and other machine guns in 7.62 or greater) to engage beyond 750 meters if they have a line of sight. At a bare minimum for suppressive fire. None of this is happening. The "Duckhunting" mod from Armaholic doesn't work.
  22. SwissArmy1984

    The effect of weapon on AI accuracy

    This is a great start. I'm having trouble also with the distance at which AI shoot. Have you tried AI shooting beyond 750 meters, which seems to be a hard stop? AI with sniper rifles, DMRs, and machineguns should easily fire beyond 750 meters, but they do not. I've been shooting AI beyond 750 meters and they never fire back, even if you're standing in plain site. It seems the cfgWeapons files have distance settings. These were modified for a few weapons by the "Duckhunting" mod on Armaholic. But that mod is 3 years old and doesn't seem to work anymore.
  23. SwissArmy1984

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Hi, I am downloading to test it. Does it increase the range at which AI engage enemy AI or players? I've found there is a hard stop at 750 meters. I would like to increase the engagement distance of AI snipers and AI machinegunners. An existing mod on Armaholic called "Duckhunting" changes the weapon config file of a few weapons, but that mod was made in 2015 and no longer seems to work. Any thoughts, suggestions? I would have expected Bohemia to make it simpler to affect the AI engagement distance than the AISkills lineup which simply uses values between 0 and 1.