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  1. I'm still getting the same error by the looks: https://ibb.co/iRO4P8 Any other options? My friend doesn't seem to have the mission in any of his caches.
  2. @R0adki11My friend is sending me his MP Missions cache so I can look through it, thanks for the suggestion. @squeezeUnfortunately I couldn't find the file in there, I'll ask my friend to look through his Steam one too though, thanks. @Dedmen I don't think I know how to use this tool correctly, there's not really any options from what I see and very little documentation on how to use it, I'm getting this cmd message when selecting the Mission.sqm as the source. Picture: https://ibb.co/ejrjGd
  3. G'day, I made a mission, it required a large mod that my friend didn't have (Project OPFOR, "po_factions_me"), in my confident ignorance I went and deleted all entries of said mod in the missions.sqm without debinarizing it, after doing so, I now get the error "line 0: '.raP:' ' encountered instead of' =" when trying to open the mission in the editor. I downloaded DeRap due to a suggestion, when I used the tool on the mission.sqm, it said something along the lines of: "deRap: unknown entry:" (I can check again if the exact wording of the error is actually important) Anyone have any ideas? it's a beloved mission me and my friend play very, very often. Here is the mission.sqm: https://pastebin.com/70ECMNgy Thank you so much.