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  1. Hello community! Having finally started the campaign to Arma 3 (very, very good so far I must say!) I have run upon a problem that I have been unable to solve, The gist of the issue is this: I cannot get past the village assault on Wet Work, no matter how much i change or try once you eliminate the enemies in the square, the game CTD's to launcher. I have attempted the -malloc=system "fix" through steam properties as well as verifying files AND redownloading Arma 3 plus all the mods (none of which are active during the campaign, otherwise it bugs out horribly i found to my detriment). The dump is copied below: Arma 3 Troubleshooting Report Sorry for the inconvenience. Please report this on Arma 3 Feedback Tracker (http://feedback.arma3.com). Thanks to you we may fix the issue faster. Thanks for all your suggestions! Just please dont suggest something i have already done! Thanks! Abbadon