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    Mission requests and ideas

    Hi, i am searching for missions for the demo of OFP. I found this site at archive.org: http://www.3dactionplanet.com/flashpoint/demos.htm Unfortunately archive.org has not stored the mentioned "missionpack2.zip". So I would ask here, if someone can provide me the file or a download link. thx in advance for the effort PS: Yes i know, there is the nostalgia pack, but this "missionpack2.zip" has more files in it. 🙂
  2. I would love to use old terrains like: Tilos: Greek Island ( Beta ) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375720350 or CMM_Aristartis https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=543288811 but the SkyBox is broken because it was not updated after the SkyBox-Update/graphical update. It would be great to have a mod that would loaded beside these terrains and fix this issue by pointing to the new SkyBox/Terrain Parent.
  3. Wetzer

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    Hi, a few things I've noticed about Resistance so far: * German Translation: "Zapfenstreich" can be better translated as "Ausgangssperre". (occurs on the announcement during the invasion). "Ausgangssperre" is used to tell civillians that they cannot go out at a cirtain time (litterally translated to "Exit-Barrier"). "Zapfenstreich" ("military tattoo") is used as a signal for the own soldiers to signal them the end of their "time to stay outside of the quartier". * When the truck stops in front of Troska's house, in the next cut scene it is still rolling and then stops even though the soldiers have already got out. * When the mission starts where you run to the shotgun behind the house, the beginning of the mission is a direct "cut" to the previous cutscene (no significant time has passed). But it comes at the beginning of the mission "The next morning" (In german: "Am nächsten Morgen"). That would fit more with the previous cutscene (when the resistance guys arrive viktors house).
  4. Hi, thanks for the update. I tried some AI driven konvois on Fapovo 1.9. It seems that the bridge on 071/071 is not recognized as a valid road. AI won't cross (tested with vanilla Hunter GMG/HEMTT).
  5. Wetzer

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi searching for a mod that unit is called "SEBSeal". The unit is a seal unit in tigerstripe camo. The Mission is from 11.03.02. So the mod has to be dated earlier than that. I tried "sealaddon.zip", a "Release Demo By Ebud" (dated 25.09.01) but unit in this mod is called "Seal". In SEBNamPack the units starts with "SEBNam..." so this doesn't match.
  6. Hi, can someone upload LEA 1.4 to the site? (I ask for someone in Discord)
  7. Hi Jerry, after some fiddling around i managed to use your Tool. There are some missing commands in your "Usage": please correct here and on Github(in the release notes) into: bidentify.exe scan -d "D:\directoryToScan" Greetings
  8. Wetzer

    CWA 1.99 Bug reports

    Hi, i see CTDs if i try to place sea mines (trough Editor with Editorupdate) and then to start preview. This is also in missions with sea mines. I use 2.01/1.99. Is this a known problem? Greetings Edit: I reinstalled 1.99 and now it worked.
  9. Wetzer

    Which mod is this?

    It looks like "M1A2 SEP Pack" Version 2.0 The texture was changed in following releases (less bright/contrast, less worned). To play version 2.0 you also need: * JAM 2 (I tested JAM3 fixed 6. It seems also work) * CBT APC Crew (tested with Version 1) I recommend to use the later versions (3.1) because of the bug fixes for multiplayer.
  10. Hi, i tried some AI driven konvois on Fapovo 1.8. It seems that the bridge on 071/071 is not recognized as a valid road. AI won't cross (tested with vanilla Hunter GMG/HEMTT). Also HEMTT makes some weird maneuver on entering these simple wooden bridges: HEMTT stops and makes some turns back and forward, then drives over bridge(sometimes it fell into the river). I tested HEMTT on tanoa (seemes the same bridge?) but there's all ok. PS: I miss the ruin with litte bridge since last update... 😉
  11. Hi, my question was more like: If I revisit the same house (after deleting interior) will in the house the same furniture (if there is more as one template available) or is template taken randomly?
  12. Hi, are the sets of furniture for a specific house every time the same or will be the interior be new (randomized) set? BTW: Very cool script!