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    What is easier to make a BATTLEBUS?!!!

    Sorry guys I will Do it with the objectbuilder. And sorry for the double post. I am in Bangkok and the wifi isnt the Best xD
  2. Hey guys, I ve seen a Clip with the unsung mod. Someone create an epic battlebus and I want to do this on my own. The Normal way is to merge objects with the attachto command in the eden editor. But I think it will take much time to get the right position of the objects. Now my question. Can i merge all the objects i need in the o2 together? My truck should have some static mgs a flak or something else and sandbags on the Plattform. I want that the vehicle is a single unit what i can place again and again in my missons. I am sorry but i am a greenhorn in modelling. I will learn it to bring myself to the next level of creating cool stuff for arma 3. So thanks for your help :)