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    Public Zeus Suggestion: Additional Modules etc

    I agree, there should be a module for full arsenal (or at least an arsenal for the player's faction, so no NATO running in CSAT uniform and AAF GA Carrier Rig), captive/surrender for hostage rescue mission or surrender for when the enemy gets overrun and so much stuff from the Editor that should be loaded into Public Zeus. Also, let us load pre-saved custom compositions (the no-mod vanilla custom compositions that we make in the editor) so we can have an easier time loading a base instead of making it all again.
  2. EmperorBanana

    Debug console

    Oh... That's a really dumb thing to do. Can I still load custom pre-saved compositions made in Editor into Public Zeus, or at least any other Zeus (not necessarily public one)? I made a Dynamic Altis Annexation mission and would love if I could load it into Public Zeus instead of making it all over everytime I play
  3. EmperorBanana

    Debug console

    Hey, I've been gone for a long time and I can't find the Zeus debug console when playing in the public Zeus slot. I am already a voted admin in the public Zeus server but there is no debug console when I hit ESC, even if I have Admin Debug Console enabled in parameters. How do I fix that?