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  1. Macmachi

    Ballistic missiles

    Version 1.1 is released ! Add V2 missile Missiles are now destructible but not targetable Flame size reduction during launch
  2. Macmachi

    Ballistic missiles

    Thank you, not currently because this kind of missile is supposed to target targets beyond the distance of the Arma 3 maps. But in the meantime there is always possibility to combine the launch of a missile with an explosion trigger on a predefined area.
  3. Macmachi

    Ballistic missiles

    Sure, I updated my post.
  4. Ballistic missiles mod for Arma 3 [NOTICE] If you use things from this mod you have to credit us! Steam link to the mod "Ballistic missiles" : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1383958112 Download the mod "Ballistic missiles" without steam (v1.1) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MRljlvqyoCTTxiMFl7s4-LGsB3qZ1d3w/view?usp=sharing ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TILK : Realization of 3D models, import and adaptation of models in arma 3, participation in animation code and particle settings and debugging Mr.H : Creator of the missile launch interface, configuration of objects in arma 3, made the majority of the code with many code improvement and debugging ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Features ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Use ballistic missiles to create original and impressive missions (missiles cannot be used as a weapon) Basic launch interface provided Single player and multiplayer compatible (tested on dedicated server) Low resource consumption animation Risk of injury or death if you are within 100m of the missile during launch (damage also compatible with Ace) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- How to use this mod ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Place one or more missiles on the map Launch the missile(s) Method 1 : You can launch the missile with an interface by adding this function in the init of the object by using its variable name. For example, a laptop object with the variable name laptop1 : [laptop1] call TILK_fnc_isMissileLauncherInterface; Method 2 : Launch the missile by giving a variable name to the missile, you can put this function in a trigger or an addaction. For example, a missile object with the variable name missile1 : [missile1] call TILK_fnc_launchMissile; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Source of missile sound : universal-soundbank.com Thanks to Bohemia Interactive ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Images ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Advertising ----------------------------------------------------------------------- You can download Mr.H's famous satellite mod for Arma 3, here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1310581330 If you are mission maker my comrade RedBelette develops a mission framework for Arma 3 that you find here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1226877632&searchtext=red+framework ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Acknowledgements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the TGV team ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Releases : ----------------------------------------------------------------------- V1.0 : First release of the mod V1.1 : Add V2 missile Missiles are now destructible but not targetable Flame size reduction during launch
  5. Great job! Your framework will probably be useful for my next missions.
  6. Hello, thanks, everybody! A friend found a solution. The object I had created was a simple object (not movable). I modified the config.cpp and I use setvelocity with a velocity incrementation in a loop. Everything works perfectly!
  7. Hi thank you for your answers. Actually, I'm working on a mod. It's working in solo and in local multiplayer (but when I'm solo). When a friend hosted the game on his machine it didn't work anymore (for him and for me) and on a dedicated server it didn't work either, my object didn't move. Here my complete code from a SQF file that I call into the console or through an addaction. : _object = ufo; _b = 1; //iniatialize our variable /*Start*/ while {_b < 2000} // (b = b+1 every 0.005 second) do { if (_b < 400) then { _object setPos (getPos _object vectorAdd [0,0,0.05]); sleep 0.005; _b = _b+1; hintSilent str _b; // debug }; //faster if (_b >= 400) then { _object setPos (getPos _object vectorAdd [0,0,0.08]); sleep 0.005; _b = _b+1; hintSilent str _b; // debug }; /*End*/ if (_b == 2000) then { deleteVehicle _object; hint "End"; // debug }; }; //Close while
  8. Hello arma community ! I can't move a structure object (props) with vectorAdd in multiplayer. It works very well in solo but it's impossible to use that in multiplayer. I can't find why it doesn't work and I can't find another solution to solve this problem. Here my code : while {_x < 10 } do { _object1 setPos (getPos _object1 vectorAdd [0,0,10]); sleep 1; _x = _x+1; }; Could someone help me? Thank you in advance.