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  1. Hey, I have had a look around but I probs haven't looked hard enough to find a script that spawns a OPFOR mortor team that fires upon BLUFOR when other OPFOR see bluefor. I have nothing yet so any help would be very helpful
  2. That wouldnt work because that means the action would show on the civs
  3. Hey is there a way to have the action show up on AAF too?
  4. Ahh thank you so much. This is just what I wanted.
  5. Ahh ok will be more descriptive next time. The script is to "search" the OPFOR units for possibly intel and it can return with No Intel found or Intel found. Ok ty will check if this works. Edit: After a couple minutes with the code it works but it constantly shows the Search which i dont want and it would just stack up and if you did removeAllActions Player; It would still stack up on the enemies so I put it removeAllActions allUnits; . Which did work but would always show a search and would also show search twice when looking at the OPFOR unit.
  6. Ok i believe they are spawned in through script. All OPFOR will be spawned in at once. Maybe there a way to place down a invis marker that can grab the nearest units?
  7. Hey I have looked for a script that adds an action to the OPFOR unit everytime one of them spawns but could not find one. Would someone be willing to help to create one? I am new to scripting btw.
  8. co10 Escape

    ahh yes thanks. Though servers crashes everytime I leave or die? EDIT:oh nvm just realised im an idiot abd messed something up Oh is it supposed to restart everytime i leave or die?
  9. co10 Escape

    Hey I'm getting a problem when I load up the mission file on my linux dedicated server I get a error. Not really sure how to fix it. I am using build-10-12-05-2018. I have load @co10_Escape_Apex as both a server mod and mod.
  10. So did you ever find a fix to this? I have just got a dedicated linux server and the rcon files turns active but I cannot connect using epm?