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  1. Yes, when I started to use onPlayerRespawn it works better. Engine gives me correct unit controlled by player. I had one problem when unit spawn before player press Respawn button, but I solve it by creating cam and attach to head of dead unit. Also for new unit I disable simulation and moved it to a height of 2000 meters My current onPlayerRespawn script:
  2. Hmm... I think I must to try use onPlayerRespawn event handler, because it has params: So, I have _newUnit which spawned by engine. All that remains is to change loadout and correct position. But I think I can get problem with default respawn logic and player position 🤔
  3. Hello, I try to create my own custom respawn template (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Respawn) and GUI with list of squads, roles and loadouts. Also I create test mission and set respawn = "BASE"; in description.ext. So, I write script (event handler) onPlayerKilled.sqf, which creates my dialog (GUI) where player can join/create squad, select role and respawn position. Then he click "Respawn" button. Summary steps\flow: Player died onPlayerKilled is invoked My GUI is being created Player choose his loadout and respawn position Player press respawn button My respawn script creates new unit (createUnit), wait 1 second for correct init, give selected loadout to unit and give control to player (selectPlayer) My GUI is closing Player spawned on selected position Now I have several problems with correct player respawn on dedicated server. Here are they: After respawn player loses all tasks If someone kills player again - there is no message in system chat (like somebody kills bot/unit) When a player is in a group led by another player - after respawning, the new unit is controlled by the AI, but the player can shoot and look around, but cannot move I read about last problem in comments for selectPlayer: but also I read about locality and multiplayer https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Scripting#Locality. In "Locality changes" topic It says: So, selectPlayer changes locality but it still have problem. Also I check locality by owner command, new unit is local. May be because I use createUnit on player machine. This is my short respawn script without extra code: Also default BIS respawn logic don't know about my respawn script and try to respawn player by pre-defined scripts for "BASE" respawn type. And I use terrible hack: setPlayerRespawnTime 900; otherwise BIS default logic spawn player in one of markers "respawn_*". Possible I can solve it by property in custom respawn config (CfgRespawnTemplates) I tried to find any BIS scripts with default respawn logic\functions but without success. Is it possible to create custom respawn template and use some BIS respawn functions, which can tell to engine that I spawned player already? It would solve problems with player group (remove old unit, join new) and new unit issues (control, tasks, etc.)
  4. Safkon

    Tooltip multiple lines

    Also you can use this (if you don't know about <br/> count): _tooltip = getText(_itemCfg >> "descriptionShort"); _tooltip = ([_tooltip, "<br />", true] call BIS_fnc_splitString) joinString "\n"; BIS_fnc_splitString joinString
  5. If someone search solution in 2k21, you can use getMissionPath: findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51 ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", " _this select 0 drawIcon [ getMissionPath 'images\towericon1_ca.paa', [1,0,0,1], getPos Tower1, 24, 24, getDir Tower1, '', 1, 0.03, 'TahomaB', 'right' ] "];
  6. Ah... problem in execVM. Seems like onDraw = "_this execVM 'scripts\dialog\respawn\onDrawMap.sqf'"; takes a lot of time for execution and this is not acceptable for UI rendering onDraw = "_this call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'scripts\dialog\respawn\onDrawMap.sqf'"; - works as expected without artifacts
  7. Hello! I have problems with drawing icons (default solder icons for all units) in onDraw event handler. Some of the icons are rendered, some are not. Some rendered icons can disappear after moving or zooming map. My dialog: Map onDrawMap script: Seems like I'm make some stupid mistake, but I can't figure out what exactly. 🤔 In-game dialog after creation: After map moving upper: Top-left squad with broken rendering P.S. Scripts and dialog code is shortened for ease of understanding
  8. I think you can post your mod as is. Just mark it like [demo] or [pre-alpha] Firstly, because your time very valuable. Secondly, real Arma community would be glad to see US buildings. Yes, may be it have problem with textures. But it still cool. A lot of people wants something like World in Conflict but in Arma. In any case, you got at least a little experience. Both "life"-community and Arma modding. Stay strong. 🤗
  9. Hi! It's nice work. Cool models and awesome textures without strange luminescence. What plans do you have? I know it's really hard work. May be you need some help? In Arma 3 we don't have pretty good US maps and buildings. Your project would be popular. Upd. If it's not private RP-life mod, of course 😉
  10. Hi! I have problems with CT_OBJECT_CONTAINER. I try to create GUI with in-game object like tablet ("Land_Tablet_02_F") and I don't understand how to use 'class Areas'. I read wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-Objects But I think not all objects can be used with CT_OBJECT_CONTAINER. In Areas I must declare separate parts (each with his own class) with controls and set selection of object which would be used for rendering controls. So, I use 'selectionNames object' (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectionNames) and get values: ['Camo_1', 'Camo_2'], but no one works. Wiki says: "For an object with selections one can use user texture. For example "\A3\Misc_F\Helpers\UserTexture1m.p3d" has selections: usertexture, usertexture TL,usertexture TR, usertexture BL". I know that tablet has texture for display, but usertexture not working. Is it possible? GUI code: P.S. this example with model "\A3\Misc_F\Helpers\UserTexture1m.p3d" and selection = "usertexture" works fine. P.P.S. I know workaround - using picture of tablet like background, but it's less interesting Also I have VBS dialog example, but there are not "class Areas"
  11. Safkon


    You must synchronize module and trigger. Set module to "Open". If u want open/close your own doors/gates, use trigger with commands: OnAct.: myGate animate ["Door_1_rot", 1]; OnDeact.: myGate animate ["Door_1_rot", 0]; myGate - name of your gate\door