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  1. Hi! It's nice work. Cool models and awesome textures without strange luminescence. What plans do you have? I know it's really hard work. May be you need some help? In Arma 3 we don't have pretty good US maps and buildings. Your project would be popular. Upd. If it's not private RP-life mod, of course 😉
  2. Hi! I have problems with CT_OBJECT_CONTAINER. I try to create GUI with in-game object like tablet ("Land_Tablet_02_F") and I don't understand how to use 'class Areas'. I read wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-Objects But I think not all objects can be used with CT_OBJECT_CONTAINER. In Areas I must declare separate parts (each with his own class) with controls and set selection of object which would be used for rendering controls. So, I use 'selectionNames object' (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectionNames) and get values: ['Camo_1', 'Camo_2'], but no one works. Wiki says: "For an object with selections one can use user texture. For example "\A3\Misc_F\Helpers\UserTexture1m.p3d" has selections: usertexture, usertexture TL,usertexture TR, usertexture BL". I know that tablet has texture for display, but usertexture not working. Is it possible? GUI code: P.S. this example with model "\A3\Misc_F\Helpers\UserTexture1m.p3d" and selection = "usertexture" works fine. P.P.S. I know workaround - using picture of tablet like background, but it's less interesting Also I have VBS dialog example, but there are not "class Areas"
  3. Safkon


    You must synchronize module and trigger. Set module to "Open". If u want open/close your own doors/gates, use trigger with commands: OnAct.: myGate animate ["Door_1_rot", 1]; OnDeact.: myGate animate ["Door_1_rot", 0]; myGate - name of your gate\door