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    Very glad to hear it. I've spent some more hours in-game now, this update was amazing, still haven't tried aircraft's but just about everything else. The Coaxial 7.62 in third person sounds so realistic, fantastic sound. Main cannons sounds spot on. HMG and GMH are perfect All bullet cracks and distant fire are great Mortar/Artillery and explosives are perfect. When it comes to firearms I still favor the sounds of the SPMG, AK74u, and the Zafir, The P07, PM and Rook came out really well also, very distinct/crisp "pop's", sounds so freaking good. I have to say the SPMG stands out as the greatest sound I've heard, so crisp, clear and punchy. I really like the TRG, think it could stand just a little bit more bass maybe, same with Protector and MAR-10. They all sound fantastic, but they lack that lovely thud that above listed weapons posses. Lastly I think the rest of the firearms, if you were to tweak them, should take inspiration from the weapons I listed above. Really think you nailed those sounds, ArmA has never sounded this good before if you ask me. I hope the criticism lands in good soil and that what i wrote makes some sort of sense at least. Also, will the RHS/NIARMS/SMA work again with JSRS Beta when it's done or will you be updating those sounds as well? Again thank's for your work and for sharing with the rest of us.
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    Tested most of the handheld weapons, they all sound great. Explosions are superb as well. The SPMG, AK74U, Zafir and the MAR-10 i think I like the most, really immersive and satisfying sounds. Will give it a more thorough inspection this weekend. Thanks for your work, much appreciated.
  3. I have a some issues I wan't to address that regards jets and helicopters. - Scalpels and DAGR locking range differs between jets and helicopters. Jets, like the Gryphon, locks on target at 3km while the Blackfoot locks at 5,3km. ATGMs 3km locking for a jet is so close, can't this be tweaked? Given size of maps and top speed of jets wouldn't at least 6-10km be more preferable? - DAGRs and Scalpels from a Hellcat or a Pawnee is a complete mystery to me, sometimes I get a lock at 1-1,3km most often no lock at all. Seems completely random. - Bombs like the GBU-12 from the jets has no locking reticule, used to be a square that goes "diamond" on lock, now it's nothing. - Gryphon black/white camo skin variant has been blurry since release. - Gryphon and Buzzard targeting pod doesn't rotate 360 degrees, so you brake lock before impact with bombs and you are not able to see target hit, also since release. - What happened to the missile camera HUD display and the zoomed out map HUD in aircrafts? And lastly, why is the loadout for the Gryphon so limited? There's 3x and 4x Scalpels ingame for the the Buzzard for example, x2 bombs, DAGR etc, any chance of fixing this? Thank's in advance for any replies Kind Regards