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  1. thanks Best regard 😊
  2. I put the database on the server but how can I send it to the client? What do you mean by sending? thanks
  3. I created a simple test. loading climate, time and player data. The former are invoked in an initserver.sqf file and it works, the seconds, player data, are not loaded. Where am I wrong? initserver.sqf initplayer.sqf
  4. I am trying to use this wonderful plug-in and I have found it difficult to save player data. on the server the code works perfectly to save date, time, climate etc but the player data does not save them. Does the extdb3 mod have to be uploaded by local players too?
  5. tried but there is an error waitUntil{!(missionNamespace getVariable "BIS_fnc_eventTimeline_playing")}; then at the end of the presentation endMission "END1"; the mission ends, not the presentation. If I remove last code, the screen remains black and it is not possible to change it with fade. if I touch a button, the message appears, hold it down to continue. how to solve these 3 problems? Thanks
  6. Grenadier ITF

    [RELEASE] HALs Store v1.5

    wonderful! I'd like to create an addons with your script. Obviously with your permission
  7. Resolved. thank you guys _target = _this select 0; missionNamespace setVariable ["YourString",_target]; _id=(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if(_this select 1==22)then { _target = missionNamespace getVariable 'YourString'; _nul =[_target] execVM 'koc.sqf'};"]; DONE!
  8. the target is an object, vehicle, unit or other
  9. thanks. tried but without success. from the koc.sqf file variable not defined
  10. As the title suggests I can't pass the _target variable. _target = _this select 0; _id=(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if(_this select 1==22)then {_nul =[_target] execVM 'koc.sqf'};"]; any suggestions would be welcome :))
  11. I have a question to ask. why did you put this limitation in your personal code inidbi? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if(count (toarray(format["%1", _data])) > 8095) then { _data = false; _log = format["IniDBI: write failed %1 %2 data too big > 8K", _section, _key]; [_log] call iniDB_log.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wouldn't it be possible to increase it? Thanks for the reply.
  12. follow the instructions issued by the developer
  13. hi, References to bis I noticed 8 days ago but I only gave weight to the thing now. In my case not before.