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  1. Hi I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to get an AI squad to cross a short distance by swimming? I believe the distance would not be more than 60-70 meters maybe a little bit more. Right now only the squad leader takes a swim; the rest of the squad just sits at the shoreline looking dumb lol. If I can't figure out a way I may have to scrap and delete three missions I've worked on and chose a different location. Every time I come up with an idea I'm hindered by the inability of the AI to do anything. I'm frustrated and disappointed that the AI can't swim or cross bridges. If anyone has an idea I'd appreciate it thanks!
  2. crp19851

    Artillery Scripts

    Thanks Stan. I'm trying to make sense of this code snippet but my scripting knowledge isn't that great. I don't understand what line 5-6 does. I believe I understand the rest of the code. Line 9 is setting up a position with 10 meters added to the Z coordinate? Line 10 - I don't understand this part [], 10, "NONE"] Position offset on the Y axis by 10 meters? I'm not understanding how the artillery unit is getting its target information from. You said this was a radio call? How could I tweak this so the AI fires at a set position and most accurately?
  3. Hi I'm trying to find a script I can use to allow AI placed artillery to fire at an assigned target with parameters such as fire delay, disable auto-aim, move etc,. The script needs to work with the Iron Front artillery pieces. So far I have found and slightly modified a script by fatty that does what I want. The problem is the shells land some 700 meters short of the assigned Eden targets. I've moved the artillery targets further back and even changed the height of the targets. I also tried changing the targets from the invisible helipad to an invisible car and even tried game logics. The AI fired shells seem to land at the same short distance. The tested artillery piece I used is both the 10.5cm and Flak 36 guns. I'm at a loss to try and debug the issue. I also tried increasing the skill of the AI gunner and no dice. I even tried going into one of the guns myself while using the artillery computer and I couldn't even get the shells to land near the target area. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get reasonably accurate gun fire that works with the Iron Front artillery?
  4. Hi All I'm trying to get the ww2 era mortars to work with Vcom AI but so far have not been successful. If I put down a modern Mk6 mortar with ammo handling disabled it actually works fine and the AI shoot randomly at enemies without scripts due to Vcom. I'm trying to do the same with the ww2 era mortars. I assume it's a naming error in the ace ammo handling exclude command in its initialization field? Has anyone been able to get these to work?
  5. @Wogz187, The building is approximately 200 meters or so from the player. It doesn't really matter if the player sees it or not. Does the code you provided work for an infantry unit in a group moving (or rather teleporting) to a specific position inside a building? The specific building is 51853 position #7 which is on the rooftop. He would probably need "Path" disabled after moving there so he doesn't wander off. Also would this code work placing it in waypoint activation or deactivation (so it happens when the group reaches the building)? @Larrow I knew set waypoint activation works with a countdown trigger when using it with a hold waypoint. Very basic timing trigger etc,. I didn't know you could use this with another waypoint to sync group timing. Thanks 🙂
  6. Hi all I am working on a map to test AI accuracy and intelligent behavior using the WW2 mods. I have a mission setup using the WW2 Egypt map where a single German squad supported by a reconnaissance 234 advances into the main city. The player plays the role of a UK squadron defending the area. The goal of the map is to test various AI settings to give a good realistic feeling to shooting accuracy which I have achieved. The next thing I'm working on is making the AI act much more intelligently. I'm experimenting with using individual teams in the editor instead of a single rifle squadron. The German squad is now three teams advancing on the player. On the German's right flank (the machine gun team) there is a building that can be utilized by the AI to lay down suppressing fire. I'm having trouble with making the machine gunner from the machine gun team go to the rooftop of the building to lay down fire. Does anyone know of a good solution to get the AI unit to do this? The only AI mod I'm using currently is tactical combat link. I'm thinking about adding Vcom AI also but am not sure if they work well together. Anyone run this combination? The other issue I need to solve is how to sync the three German teams advance speed. In arma2 one could just sync the waypoints with each other; that feature seems to be missing in Arma 3. How can this be done? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Hi I have two bugs with I44. The first bug is the British PIAT anti tank weapon won't load into the game. Something about no entry muzzle flash then Iron sight. The second bug is if I'm in a tank and hit either the adjust sight elevation up or down the gun sight will bug out and spin around constantly. Anyone familiar with these and have a suggestion on how to fix? Any help would be appreciated. *Edited* to add one more bug. When infantry ride on top of tanks as cargo they are invulnerable to fire.