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  1. So even with the fantastic example mission and some pretty well shown examples in the forums I have some how found a way to make it work in a broken state. In the beginning of this forum I took the advice and put the following in my onPlayerRespawn.sqf file: player addAction ["Aircraft Loadouts",{_start = [] call GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout}, [], 0, false, false, "", "(speed player < 1)"]; I had also placed in the description.ext file: class CfgFunctions { #include "scripts\GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_functions.hpp" }; class CfgCommunicationMenu { #include "scripts\GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutMenu.hpp" }; #include "scripts\GOM\dialogs\GOM_dialog_parents.hpp" #include "scripts\GOM\dialogs\GOM_dialog_controls.hpp" I then created a initplayerlocal.sqf file for the mission I was trying to add the script to and placed: params ["_unit","_JIP"]; if (_unit getvariable ["GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutAllowed",false]) then { _unit spawn GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadout; }; _add = [this] spawn GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadout; After doing all this I went into the parameters file you had spoken about and set all three flags to false along with lowering the loadout time and increased the refuel rate for testing. I did NOT change allow all pylons to true. Once doing all of this to the mission I am able to see the "Aircraft Loadouts" option in my scroll menu (when I'm standing still and I see it twice for some reason) but I do not see any aircraft that I can edit. If I go and run "[player] call GOM_fnc_AircraftLoadout;" with the local exec all of the planes will show up. Would you or another kind person be able to provide some insight on what I might have missed and how I would be able to correct it?