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  1. Hi Everyone! I was wondering what are the use and the function of the file: weapons.cfg I saw it in the saves of the single missions...I tought it was used in order to save the status of the ammunitions, or the weapons equipped, but I tried to delete it and nothing happen. I had the same weapons in my savegame. Do you know something about it ? Thanks! Have a nice day!
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm playing with Arma Gold Edition ( Steam Version ) and some time ago I made a backup of the entire folder called "ArmA" which resides in the "Documents" folder in order to backup my profile and savegames. Now, if I delete all the current folder "ArmA" and I restore it with my backup, Will I recover all the past situation ( the one at the time I made the backup ) or should I change something more ? Thanks to all ! Have a nice day on the battlefield :D