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  1. When a firefight is over the game freezes, in three of the various firefights I simulated, it happened as soon as one AI started healing himself or someone else. After 3 or so minutes the game unfreezes but freezes again after a few seconds and continues to do this. My mod order is: - CBA_A3 - VET_Unflipping - HCC - High Command Converter 1.5.5 - No More Aircraft Bouncing - CTRG Faction - Arma 3 menu - GLX
  2. Tessorhi

    My Mission File Is Broken

  3. Tessorhi

    My Mission File Is Broken

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  4. My mission file is broken. I saved this mission with the UNSUNG Vietnam War Mod by accident. When I removed the mod from the 'mission.sqm' file and switched off the mod, the mission stopped working. Whenever I try to open the mission in the Editor I get 'Error when loading the scenario'. http://www.filedropper.com/mission
  5. Thank you so much for helping me.
  6. I had Ace 3 installed on Arma 3 when using the Eden Editor. I then decided to remove it, meaning I could no longer open my mission, so I looked up how to remove Ace 3 from my mission. A post on a forum suggested that I should remove any lines on my 'mission.sqm' file with the word 'ace3', so I did without backing up the file, and now when I try to open my saved mission an error pops up 'line 0: '.rap': ' ' encountered instead of '=''. Help would be much appreciated, thank you.