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  1. So my aim is to have a video window in a dialog using RscPicture (and by extension RscVideo) type control. However I am running into reliability problems. Most of the time the video won't play and sometimes there are horrible compression issues, but it does work sometimes even if rarely. My first guess was that perhaps the video I was using was somehow bad so tested the dialog using the preview videos for the main menu spotlights and the problems persist. Here is my current test dialog: class test_3 { idd=2000; movingenable=false; class controls { class Picture: RscPicture { idc = 2001; text = "\a3\UI_f_Tank\Video\spotlight_A.ogv"; autoplay = 1; loops = -1; x = 0.5 - 5 * (pixelW * pixelGrid * 2); y = safezoneY + (10 - 0.5 * 5) * (pixelH * pixelGrid * 2); w = 2 * 5 * (pixelW * pixelGrid * 2); h = 2 * 5 * (pixelH * pixelGrid * 2); }; }; };
  2. Before I start yes I have read the ACE documentation. The problem is that I find either the documentation or my ability to read it lacking. So why even use config and not scripts as there are many examples of those? Well I think that if the config option would work it would be an easier way to include actions within certain categories and with custom icons etc (adding my own parent categories like the equipment and gesture ones that are already in will be a problem for the next phase). Anyway does anyone know how one is to actually use an action defined in a config (I assume description.ext would suffice, if not the a dedicated file)? Not only is the one given example broken there is no mention how you are to add the action to an object/class or am I missing something obvious here?
  3. Hey people, I couldn't find any wiki entries or tutorial about how one would utilize the radioprotocol lines already in the game for the sideRadio command, if I missed something post the links below please. I know I can define my own lines and associated sounds in the mission config file but that seems like it should be unnecessary. Lets say I want the player to scream "Target that man" with one of the voices present in the game on the side radio. We know that the AI is already capable of doing this so the necessary parts must already have been configured somewhere. I just have had no luck into finding how to tap into that resource. Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. Reeveli

    Change cutscene in main menu

    Might be a problem in the intro mission itself then, not the config.
  5. Reeveli

    Change cutscene in main menu

    class campIntro { directory = "Eaglets\Intro.intro"; }; I am not too sure if that is the correct way of defining an intro. If someone else can confirm that is fine then ignore the rest of my post. Is .intro even usable in Arma 3? I don't know but here is the config I use for my own Arma unit's custom main menu video: In Menara_intro.Altis I use the initIntro.sqf to play the actual video. "Spg_intro\" refers to an addon that I made specifically to store the into mission. I.e. in the config file I specify Arma mission from an addon as the cutscene and have a mission intro in that mission that is then used in the main menu. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello people, I would like to ask some help on the usage of the new config viewer that is part of the mods. Is there a way to copy the array of all parent classes of an entry? What I am looking for is how can you extract e.g. ["C_man_enoch_base_F","C_man_1","Civilian_F","Civilian","CAManBase","Man","Land","AllVehicles","All"] from a civilian. 7erra's config viewer has the neat drop down menu for all the parent classes but I really miss this feature and was wondering if/how can I replicate it in 7erra's.
  7. Hello people, I am having a really frustrating problem with the "IncomingMissile" EH. The EH works fine when an AI is engaging player vehicle, when AI engages AI vehicle but NOT when player engages AI vehicle. I did some searching in the forums and apparently the was some problem with this EH back in OFP days so I have tried multiple ways of localizing the EH. I have tried the init, CBA class eventhandler system and adding the EH to unit via extended_preInit_eventHandlers. All methods share the same problem. So far I have not even bothered with a dedicated environment so this has been all local. For reference here is the code I am running (I am using CBA and Ace if that is relevant): this addEventHandler ["IncomingMissile", {params ["_target", "_ammo", "_vehicle", "_instigator"];[_target, "SmokeLauncher"] call BIS_fnc_fire;}]
  8. So I am trying to have a black screen (e.g. by using titleText) AND then have the predefined closing shot projected on top of it. What is the point? The decolorization into black and white will not do anything with a black screen but the nice effect of the white static and the "Mission over" text box would look cool over just a fully black screen. My problem so far has been that the BIS_fnc_endMission seems to override any method of having a black screen. If I use titleText ["", "BLACK FADED", 1] followed by BIS_fnc_endMission then the screen will revert back to normal before starting the cycle for the closing shot. If using titletext (or cuttext) after the BIS_fnc_endMission then the black screen will be on top of the closing shot preventing the players from seeing the effects. The same thing happens if using the in-built fade function inside BIS_fnc_endMission (e.g. ["lose1",false,10,false] call BIS_fnc_endMission), once the function fires it will clear the screen of any previous effect allowing the players a brief glimpse of not-black screen. Any thoughts on how to proceed?
  9. So I am trying to create a situation where there is critical information on computer terminal that the players are trying to get. The catch is that if the players accidentally shoot the computer during the firefight it is destroyed (they wont get the option of accessing its files). My problem is how to achieve this. The computer (or as far as I know all prop items like barrels, crates, soda cans etc) objects do not register damage from bullets/grenades so a simple trigger with if (damage computer <0) condition will not work. I will however note that it is possible to manually set the damage on the object using the setDamage command (from example from debug menu) while in-game. However I would rather not have to worry about such minutiae if I am zeusing a hectic mission. The 'Hit' and 'Dammaged' eventhandlers are also not registering on the prop objects so using them will not work. An alternative I thought was to use the 'Fired' and/or 'EpeContactEnd' eventhandlers to track the bullets fired by the players to see if they end up hitting the computer. This however does not sound to me like a performance friendly solution, especially since I would also like to have possibility for an AI to damage the computer by accident (thus greatly increasing the tracked bullets). I guess I could try to only add the eventhandler to units only when the move to the vicinity of the computer and removing the EHs afterwards in an effort to reduce the amount of bullets tracked. If someone here would have a more elegant solution in mind please share your thoughts.
  10. Didn't know that, I was assuming the 'HitPart' was using same detection model as 'Hit' or 'Dammaged'. Just because you can recover stuff afterwards from a hard drive doesn't mean careless fire discipline is the desired form of gameplay on every mission.
  11. Poor wording on my part, first post updated to correct this. What I meant is that the players are not allowed to damage the computer in order to get the intel out of it. From a scripting perspective I definitely want to allow the computer to be damaged. The problem is that short of manually setting the damage I haven't found out any good ways of achieving this dynamically.
  12. The insidious thing about IR strobes is that you can (as you have in your trigger) delete the actual grenade, but the pulsing effect is its own separate entity. You can see this easily by creating an IR strobe on the ground. Then when you delete the strobe you can clearly see that the actual object is gone but the effect continues. The easiest solution to your problem would be to create only the separate effect entity and attach that the box: strobe = "NVG_TargetC" createVehicle position ammobox; strobe attachTo [ammobox, [0, 0, 0.4]]; //trigger deleteVehicle strobe; Here is an alternative that will still allow you to have the actual physical grenade present: strobe = "B_IRStrobe" createVehicle position ammobox; strobe attachTo [ammobox, [0, 0, 0.4]]; //trigger _list = position ammobox nearObjects ["NVG_TargetC",3]; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach _list;
  13. Not sure what you are referring to. I specifically want to allow the prop to be damaged.
  14. Sweet, that did the trick. Thanks for the help!
  15. Hello people, me and my friends have been trying to solve this issue for a while now so any help would be appreciated. Here is a quick rundown of whats happening: We are trying to a create a whole family of scripts (functions) that use the same framework to create ammunition, supplies and troop reinforcements dropped by parachute. In the example mission (link at the end of the post) only a single uncompiled script is included as an example. This script creates a helicopter that flies over the script originator (in this case a laptop on a table). What is supposed to happen is that two ammunition crates are created and attached to parachute to fall into the ground. This works as intended. However when this is done on a dedicated server four crates are created with their parachutes and smoke signals. We have no idea why this is and we are also unable to duplicate this bug in locally hosted environment. And before anyone asks we have tried remote execution but the bug persists. To anyone that cannot test this on a dedicated server but would still be willing to look at the script the script is under the spoiler. Here is the link to the unmodded example mission: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Zgkji7v7ncYdD1iaHpPy46i95Caoq7m1
  16. There is some previous talk about this topic as far as I could find on the forums but nothing that would answer my problem. If this has been answered somewhere else just point me there. In any case what I am looking for is a way to force all vehicles (of a certain class) that are being created during the mission by Zeus to use a specific camouflage that is not their default paint job. And no, I am not looking for custom textures, I am just using the camouflage options you have if using the RHS mod. For example forcing all spawned T-72s to be in the sand paint scheme. I am open for suggestions but so far I've been looking into using the CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler to run something in a unit's init-field when it is created. However I haven't found any way of defining a vehicles appearance in the init-field. I quess I could try using the setObjectTexture in the init but where would one find the texture locations for RHS models? I have to admit I'm not the best with the config viewer so I haven't been able to find a path there so far if that is the right place. Any tips on this or alternative suggestions?
  17. Moving this question here due to moderator request. Basically I am trying to find an eventhandler that would execute when an ACE explosive is set off (to add some terrain removing properties to the explosion). The normal evenhandlers don't seem to work with ACE explosives. After looking through the ACE functions list given by Demen I cant see anything that would fit my bill. Does anyone know of way of detecting if ACE bomb has been touched off?
  18. Hi everyone, I am having no success using the "fired" eventhandler with ACE explosives. My current test code is the following: player addEventHandler ["FIRED", {if ( (_this select 4) isKindOf "TimeBombCore") then { hint "mine planted"};}]; This works fine in unmodded Arma but not in ACE. So either the ammo classes have changed in ACE in which case I could not find anything in the configviewer so could somebody point me to the right place. The other alternative that comes to my mind is that using the ACE self interaction to place down explosives doesn't register under the umbrella of "fired". In this case are there any alternative eventhandlers?
  19. Thanks for you function Larrow, it works as intended. The reason not to use the show/hide module is that I would have to apply the modules manually. Instead I can automate the hiding process in the init.sqf to apply for all ambush sites saving time in the editor.
  20. So I am making a mission with a lot of hidden ambush sites. These sites work by hiding all units and fortifications inside an area. Once the player(s) enter the ambush site a trigger reveals all units and objects. This is code I use for hiding stuff: _thismarker = _this select 0; _position = getMarkerPos _thismarker; _list = ["Land_HBarrier_large","Land_BagFenceCorner","Land_CamoNet_NATO","BagBunker_base_F","Wire","Thing","HBarrier_base_F","Stall_base_F","Military_Item_NoInteractive","Man","LandVehicle"]; { _x hideObjectGlobal true } foreach (nearestObjects [_position, _list, (getMarkerSize _thismarker) select 0]); { _x enableSimulationGlobal false } foreach (nearestObjects [_position, _list, (getMarkerSize _thismarker) select 0]); And this is is the similar code for revealing them upon trigger activation: _thismarker = _this select 0; _position = getMarkerPos _thismarker; _list = ["Land_HBarrier_large","Land_BagFenceCorner","Land_CamoNet_NATO","BagBunker_base_F","Wire","Thing","HBarrier_base_F","Stall_base_F","Military_Item_NoInteractive","Man","LandVehicle"]; { _x hideObjectGlobal false } foreach (nearestObjects [_position, _list, (getMarkerSize _thismarker) select 0]); { _x enableSimulationGlobal true} foreach (nearestObjects [_position, _list, (getMarkerSize _thismarker) select 0]); The problem is that any vehicle crews will stay invisible and their simulation disabled. Does anyone have any ideas how to go around that?
  21. Thanks for the clarification. Doing a dedicated addon even just for some interactions is beyond my league. There is some talk about child actions which I think would create a new sub category instead of just filling the main interaction space. However I can't wrap my head around the example provided. Anyone here with any experience with child actions and how to use them?
  22. Can you elaborate on that? Do you mean a new config file has to added into a new addon and thus cannot be a mission specific only? As for the example given in the documentation I would have assumed that several brackets were missing.
  23. So I'm working on a mission in which I would like the players to use the MicroDAGR and the Ctab tablet. Both of these devices count as (gps) terminals which enable both the side panels (I managed to find a solution to this) and the map (even when there is none in the inventory). I am not good with eventhandlers which I assume would be the prime candidates for this. Does anyone have ideas for a simple script that either prevents the player from opening the map itself or closing the map screen as soon as its opened?
  24. Ah, interesting, poor choice of words on my part. I was thinking about allowing the players to access the map while getting their gear and organizing squads back the base after the mission had already stared and activating the eventhandler after they deployed into a combat area. But you are correct, seeing the map (and thus being able to read the briefing) is still allowed during the pre-mission briefing screen which is just fine for my application. Thanks.
  25. The aim is to disable the map screen entirely, thus forcing the players to use other tools (like Ctab). The newer code you provided seems to work on my tests. waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { params ["_display", "_key", "_shift", "_ctrl", "_alt"]; if (_key in actionKeys "showMap") then { true; }; }]; As I said this is sufficient, but I after getting this to work I have been thinking about other features. Is it possible to add this kind of eventhandlers to the mission after the mission has already started? I was thinking about allowing the map during the briefing so the players would have the option of actually reading the briefing in-game and trying to memorize the terrain before combat. In any case this thanks for your help so far.