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    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    * npcs traversing the walls of houses * npcs noticing the presenssa very easy * backpacks and shirts tearing very easily * bar of hunger and hunger falls very fast even in easy mode * zombies running 4 running very fast in the city of blockpost # 1 has a npc stopped on the river near the bridge with an ak he puts a bullet just to get close he does not like how he is about he is on the water and does not move I nicknamed him jesus boy * when it is 6am in the morning and the light of the room is turned on and as a clash of reality, it is so ugly * npc with misaligned weapons boats that walks in small towns with ak47 this and outside that does not end the ammunition of them if I can give a tip boats that adam by a small town should have pistols and winchester already those that walk in the cities great military bases and etc ... yes they could have ak47
  2. TazBR

    Web Version Suggestions 1.4.1

    * functional stairs and upper floor giving access to the other floors of the houses * add a way to look in pc mode * npc's friendly exchanges and sales * thirst bar and hunger decay softer thus giving more peace to the game * npc's bad sight hits * Only medical material born in hospitals * dusk and dawn softer as this seems a shock of rality * more animals to hunt * more spawn backpacks * stealth mode, silent squatting * translations for pc mode the bar of hunger and the bar of thirst is falling very fast even in easy mode, hospitals are not shedding blood bags, antibiotics is almost impossible to spend more than 1 hour live in the easy way this ridiculous when we drink a tin of pepsi or coca the seat bar goes up very little and when we eat canned the same happens, you have to balance the bars of hunger and thirst to make sense to novice, regular and veteran