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  1. 21st Nova Corps Galactic Marines Unit Information: The 21st Nova Corps is a Star Wars based in the Clone Wars timeline. Our unit has two main positions, those being Infantry, and Aviation. In our unit, we have MOS's that the players can work towards earning. What Is The 21st Nova Corps?: The 21st Nova Corps are a detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic, known for their versatility in combat and their aggressive nature of assaults. They wear a specialized style of armor that utilizes a synthmesh face cover. This cover prevents hazardous substances and other particles from entering the armor and the clone. Due to the armor the 21st were often utilized in environments that would be otherwise hostile for fighting in. What Is Our Community Like?: We are a friendly community, but we do expect you to be serious when the time comes (ie: when we are in operations and during briefings and debriefings.) We often play other games and generally have fun. We have a Teamspeak and a Discord, and our own private server. We work alongside many other Opposition Units and we encourage you to get onto their servers when they are hosting operations and they join our servers during our operations. We aren't a very toxic community, but we don't censor anyone when they say most things unless they are hostile towards other people with malicious intent. During operations we do ask that you maintain a level of seriousness, but that does not mean "don't have fun", because in the end that is what we want all of our players to do. Our Unit Schedule: Most 21st Operations start at 7:30 PM and will run for 1-2 hours. The run time is subject to change depending on player enjoyment and response to the Operation. Monday - Fun Operation Tuesday - Fun Operation Wednesday - Fun Operation Thursday - Training Friday - Operation Saturday - Operation Sunday - Free Day Requirements To Join: Age Requirement: There isn’t an age limit within our unit, but we do expect maturity within our players. Own a legal copy of ArmA 3 Have Teamspeak 3, with a working microphone Able to download mods Have Discord Make it to at least one operation a month, 3 trainings a month Unit Links: Teamspeak: 21stnovacorps.teamspeak3.com Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZJW6Zjc We hope to see you soon.