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  1. Star Sim A Star Wars Opposition Server Introduction to Star Wars Opposition Star Wars Opposition is an addon for ARMA 3 allowing the usage of many star wars armors, weapons, vehicles, buildings, and more. Opposition has built up a massive community of Star Wars Fanatics, Casual Milsim Players, People trying to find a new experience away from WW2, Vietnam, Modern Day, and Halo, and many other dedicated players. In the massive player base many small units exist, one of which is the 21st Nova Corps. What is the 21st Nova Corps? The 21st Nova Corps are a detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic, known for their versatility in combat and their aggressive nature of assaults. They wear a specialized style of armor that utilizes a synthmesh face cover. This cover prevents hazardous substances and other particles from entering the armor and the clone. Due to the armor the 21st were often utilized in environments that would be otherwise hostile for fighting in. What is the community like? We are a friendly community, but we do expect you to be serious when the time comes (ie: when we are in operations and during briefings and debriefings. We often play other games and generally have fun. We have a Teamspeak and a Discord, and our own private server. We work alongside many other Opposition Units and we encourage you to get onto their servers when they are hosting operations and they join our servers during our operations. We aren't a very toxic community, but we don't censor anyone when they say most things unless they are hostile towards other people with malicious intent. During operations we do ask that you maintain a level of seriousness, but that does not mean "don't have fun", because in the end that is what we want all of our players to do. How often do you guys do Operations and other Things? Sunday-Wednesday : Free Days (do whatever hop on, we might have a small fun operation, or other units might be doing operations) Thursday : Training (not entirely mandatory, unless you are brand new, in which case we do have to train you at least once) Friday & Saturday : Operations (large scale operations where the whole unit gets on. These are often a few hours long and take place in the late afternoon) We understand that people have lives outside of this and we respect that, just tell us that you are going to be gone if you are leaving for more than a week or so. We also don't mind if you skip an Operation or Two, just don't make a habit of not showing up. Links Any Questions? We suggest joining our Discord or Teamspeak and asking there. Teamspeak: 21stnovacorps.teamspeak3.com Discord: https://discord.gg/ZJW6Zjc