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    APEX Keystone Mission - Music

  2. A single AAF solider performing a special reconnaissance mission behind suspected FIA territory. Vanilla
  3. mrempireman

    Create task via a spotted target?

    @R3vo I'm just wondering, is the script meant to be put in myscript.sqf or something in game such as the player init or a trigger. Also create task, how would this make a task? Would you put the variable name for your create task module and then in the script change it to {//create task1}; .
  4. In the Tac ops DLC mission no reprieve, you can spot targets that create missions for eliminating them. Is there any scripts that can do this? Thanks
  5. Millers team that conducts the bombing could very be from the prolong campaign. Look at the images I posted below. The first one is an earthquake from the east wind device when you are driving up the road to help an AAF patrol that ran into trouble. The second image happens when you are sent to a ambushed AAF security convoy meant to arrive for the peace talks in kavala between FIA and AAF. When you are on the ground a CSAT chopper goes past, this may or may not be the miller team, BUT have a look at the 4th image and 5th image. In my opinion CTRG have access to disguise them selves as CSAT, as also seen in option B when in the last mission of east wind. They used the AAF commander to help locate the CSAT deivce as CSAT probably had better relations with AAF at that time. I reckon the AAF commander used CTRG to bomb the town as a deal for information about CSAT device. CTRG used the FIA to hide themselves as well as getting more information. In the Game over ending, CSAT open fire on the AAF meaning they probably knew the only way NATO or CTRG could have got this device was from information given to them by the AAF. During one mission where kerry blows up a CSAT chopper using a AAF rogue asset, James's team links up with him at the end of the mission and James is unhappy . This is probably because CSAT now have lost trust with the AAF, meaning it's gonna be a lot harder for CTRG to get info from the AAF about the device. Also in the 4th pic, Broadway tells Conway to stand down, this is probably because some higher up above broadway who is in NATO working with CTRG told him to. That's why I think those 3 redacted dudes in the background of that picture are Brits https://imgur.com/a/jOAs9 https://imgur.com/a/whwXF https://imgur.com/a/WQ2xs https://imgur.com/ZXg6WG6 https://imgur.com/a/Hf856
  6. mrempireman

    Need help ending a trigger

    Ah sorry man :D, must have been really tired when I wrote this post. So I want to make a task that needs to be complete before a certain amount of time of the scenario has passed, if it is not completed the missions ends. So I need to set up a trigger countdown for lose, but I'm not sure how to make it so that countdown trigger stops when the task is done.
  7. Simple question, how do you end a trigger that hasn't been completed during a certain amount of time.