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    yeah just put it as isbag as iv'e already defined that and it now works, thanks alot for the help
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    it kind of works but only runs when i respawn
  3. manlikeg


    can anyone help?
  4. manlikeg

    Making a Limited Arsenal

    this addAction["Open Virtual Arsenal", {null = [_this] execVM "virtual_arsenal_init.sqf";}];
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    Making a Limited Arsenal

    //Init stuff _crate = _this select 0; ["AmmoboxInit",[_crate,false,{true}]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; //Lists of items to include _nvgoggles = [ "rhsusf_ANPVS_14", "rhsusf_ANPVS_15" _availableHeadgear = [ "rhsusf_lwh_helmet_marpatd", "rhsusf_lwh_helmet_marpatd_ess", "rhsusf_lwh_helmet_marpatd_headset", "rhs_8point_marpatd" ]; _availableGoggles = [ "rhsusf_googles_black", "rhsusf_googles_yellow", "rhsusf_googles_orange", "rhsusf_googles_clear", "rhsusf_shemagh_tan", "rhsusf_shemagh2_tan", "rhsusf_shemagh_gogg_tan", "rhsusf_shemagh2_gogg_tan", "G_Aviator" ]; _availableUniforms = [ "rhs_uniform_FROG01_d1" ]; _availableVests = [ "rhsusf_spc", "rhsusf_spc_corpsman", "rhsusf_spc"_crewman, "rhsusf_spc_iar", "rhsusf_spc_light", "rhsusf_spc_mg", "rhsusf_spc_marksman", "rhsusf_spc_patchless", "rhsusf_spc_patchless_radio", "rhsusf_spc_rifleman", "rhsusf_spc_squadleader", "rhsusf_spc_teamleader" ]; _availableBackpacks = [ "B_Kitbag_cbr", "B_Parachute", "rhsusf_assault_eagleaiii_coy" ]; _availableweapons = [ "" ]; _availablemags = [ "" ]; _availableaccs = [ "" ]; //Populate with predefined items and whatever is already in the crate [_crate,((backpackCargo _crate) + _availableBackpacks)] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualBackpackCargo; [_crate,((itemCargo _crate) + _availableHeadgear + _availableGoggles + _availableUniforms + _availableVests + _availableaccs)] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo; [_crate,(magazineCargo _crate + _availablemags)] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualMagazineCargo; [_crate,((weaponCargo _crate) + _availableweapons)] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; edit: you should also use this so players cannot load their own loadouts with weapons you dont want them to have https://www.dropbox.com/s/l10xioc4crjlb82/override_VA_templates.VR.zip?dl=0
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    scripting help

    still dont work :/
  7. manlikeg

    scripting help

    class Header ==
  8. manlikeg

    scripting help

    thats what my mission looks like the file is inside the tankode folder
  9. manlikeg

    scripting help

    nah i did try that aswell but it just didnt work lol
  10. manlikeg

    scripting help

    On the first one - class CfgFunctions { class TanKode { tag = "tankode"; file = "tankode"; class notification_system {}; }; }; in description.ext as it says in the read me on the second i was using init
  11. yeah that confuses the hell out of me any way you can implement it for me lol
  12. is there anyway to create a dialog on screen that shows all the time, that will have a number showing the amount of kills you have, and will update every time you kill someone?
  13. any way to get buttons looking like this
  14. manlikeg

    Apex Dialog Buttons

    ehm am i doing something wrong here that ok doesnt look like this one