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  1. I found out what was causing my issue. I've added VCOM AI script to all those mission files and there was a option called "Track AI movement". Changed this to false and it no longer marks the path :) Thanks for the help
  2. Here is a couple of screens. This occurs when adding units via "Spawn in zone", "Spawn" and manually placing units via Zeus I'm hosting this on my dedicated serverbox https://imgur.com/a/uUCMd Each line shows where an units have been traveling This happends on my self made mission file, it's basically a template file where I've added respawn location and some units to pick as player. On some mission file this do not occur so I believe it's some kind of option or feature I've turned on but I can't figure out what it is
  3. Got a slight problem with MCC at the moment. Whenever I add units via MCC they start to paint out small dots on the path where they have been walking. Also marking the map with "DEAD" where the units died. If I have alot of units out and about this drains the performance massively to the point I get like 10FPS. Is this an option I accidentely turned on?
  4. Geffel

    co10 Escape

    In the mission pack there is a file called: Escape Zombie RHS Lingor3. Is this a version with zombies? and what do you need to play it?