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  1. Hello, I'm currently getting an issue where my ORBAT is saying that it can't find my class, however it's a copy and paste from the config file. This is what's in my module in the mission.sqm description.ext
  2. AlcaTraZ_CZ

    Arma 3 Mission

    Hello there! I'm putting this up on the forums as there are more people on the Forums then Steam Discussions in my Opinion. So I just wanted to ask if someone would be Interested in me making a Zombie-like mission. Because the last time I did a mission which took me a long time it didn't even get that many attention. That is why I am actually asking the Community if someone would be willing to try it atleast out or help me make the mission by giving me ideas/missions that I could possibly implement. (Of course it would have to be heavily modded to make it more Immersive.) So if someone is interested in me making it just type it in the comments but if you wanna help me with it you can just add me on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028915413/ If some people are wondering what types of mods I would use and how many GB it would have so I don't kill someone's HDD or SSD so to make that Clear that you can afford to download the whole Modlist I will type the addons I will potentionally use and estimate the GB Size of them combined since I cannot remember everything. Addons : ChernarusRedux // Around 1-2GB DS Houses // 185 MB CUP - Core // 3.9GB RHS USAF // 619MB RHS AFRF // 850MB RHS GREF // 1.2GB RHS SAF // 524MB (Possibly) Kurt's Survival System // 50-200MB Zombies and Demons // 100MB-1GB ( Not really sure ) Project OPFOR // 1.4GB Total Size : 10.8GB DISCLAIMER : The mission might possible have a bigger size depending on if I add more mods or not! (If I even make the mission..) Anyway I wish you a Wonderful Day!
  3. AlcaTraZ_CZ

    Workshop mods

    Yesterday at around 7PM I had to Hard Reset my PC since Arma 3 lagged while logging out I sat there for like 30 minutes before I shut it down now when I booted up steam it wants me to redownload all 40GB of my Steam Workshop mods and took another extra 40 GB of my HDD space meaning I have 40 GB of mods that it can't find and 40 GB of mods that it want's to download because it is just too lazy to look around and to be honest it's pissing me off I don't want to sit and wait who knows how many hours downloading mods I have downloaded I even had missions I was working on but know I can't do **** since I need my mods for it and I would have to wait for the whole thing to download since you can't choose which mods to download and which not without unsubscribing from them. This is just ANNOYING as hell 5 hours spent in the Editor on a single project just to have this and the fun part? It didn't even happen yesterday I could freely do my stuff after the reset in Arma 3 after I start the PC from having a nice sleep it welcomes me to this bull**** so if there is any fix except reinstalling the game please tell me. Thanks