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    Suggestions for Halloween

    Halloween 2017 in Argo I know its not Halloween yet, but I just wanted to share my ideas for 1st ever Halloween event in Argo. Steam topic: http://steamcommunity.com/app/530700/discussions/0/1520386297681524973/ • Add NV (night vision) • Add Lasers • Add Flashlight • Make maps at *night* (player chooses to play night version or normal) • Creepy SFX I hope that my idea will be used to make Halloween day nice and scary in Argo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Add more cosmetics to DLC #1 as back bag is pointless (Only makes you easier to kill) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. tomciomalina

    Unable to connect 0x2000

    Hi there I am having trouble with login into the game, probably everyone have this problem. 0x2000 Unable to connect to behemia interactive server. R.I.P