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  1. Hello! I have a little question: The server comes with the Nightstalker scope not allowed by default. How can I change it? in Arsenal_preset / custom.sqf there is nothing and in useBlacklist.sqf is empty. How can I afford to use it?
  2. Hello!. I have a question: how can I make all vehicles, structures, static defenses and / or logistics (including expansions) appear in the construction menu? Do I have to add item names (vehicles, structures and so on) to the classnames.sqf file or to classnames_extension.sqf?. I'm new to this and I do not even know how to do it. An aid would be good.
  3. Hello!. I have a question: Any such script, to be able to construct (from the menu of construction and without using Zeus) all the vehicles and buildings of a faction (with the expansions) in Liberation mode? Do I have to add vehicle and structure names to a file called classnames.sqf?. Something I read but, I do not understand. A help would be appreciated.
  4. Sorry. I didn't know where to place this post. And thanks you for your answer.
  5. Hello! I have a small problem on my server and I would like help. In my "Weapon 3" I have all the expansions except Karts. When building structures and vehicles in the construction menu (on an FOB), I realized that they are not all vehicles, not all structures. That's why I'd like to know how I can add those objects to the build menu list. Thanks for your attention.