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  1. MarcusODmaximus

    Browser version no longer works

    Yes Deadman, I did mean phinehas7. I guess I just changed the name a bit to have a little fun. I wanted to also voice my concern that the game wasn't working properly but I wanted to give fine props to the ass who brought it up first. I didn't post in the bugs thread for a couple reasons. A game that doesn't launch at all, to me, is more than just a bug but a serious problem. I'm not a game developer so please excuse me if I don't know the proper use of the word bug. I also wanted to post a new thread so it would attract more attention to the issue for both the dev's and other users who are similarly affected. Now some questions for you. Why would you take time out of your day to ask me these 2 questions? Were you actually confused I referenced a different user? Would that even matter at all if so? Why are you so concerned in which thread I post this? How does that affect you? I'm having doubts you had any good intentions whatsoever when you made this post. Don't worry, it's all good, I still love you.
  2. So I still play this frustrating game from time to time because I love it. Maybe one day they'll make an update for the browser version but I know they have stated they won't. However I can no longer play due to the same reason fineass7 said in the other thread api_code":null,"code":500,"message":"Internal Server Error","uid":1535934788871 This is frustrating as well but not the type I want to keep coming back to from time to time :) Pretty please fix it so it launches again. Thank you for the great game.
  3. MarcusODmaximus

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    Calm down Mayo. Take a deep breath. Maybe you need some knowledge. Bohemia have stated that they are no longer putting any resources into the browser version of the game. You will need to use the mobile version if you want to see bug fixes. Had they continued to work on the browser version I'm sure re-assigning the keyboard controls would of been implemented. Given the amount of problems with the browser game I find it intriguing that a non used space bar is your number one complaint. Also, if you really don't like one particular game then there are many others to chose from. You also don't need to yell, we can hear you just fine.
  4. So I wasn't able to play this game due to the screen not loading properly. No matter what I tried, different browsers, clearing cache, I couldn't get it to work again. So now after a year away from the game I updated Firefox and tried it again. And it works! This makes me so happy. This is on my crappy Macbook Pro 2011 so it should run on almost anyones computer. Granted, it still has it's flaws but the developers have made it clear this is as good as it gets and still happy with what they have given us......for free! I recently got on a good run and had to give up after hours of play because of real world sleep. I was unstoppable, best equipment, vehicle, ammo for dayz. 20+ bandit kills. Haven't been able to re-create it since.
  5. MarcusODmaximus

    Opinion on the 1.3.x updates

    I liked this rant. Well thought out and detailed. Don't take my thoughts as the whole community but here goes. I believe the dev's do check these forums. They probably don't comment often because it would be against their interest, serve no point or they simply don't have time. We have to keep in mind this game as well as browser mode and even the stand alone game are all in Alpha. I don't know anything about game development but I bet it's time saving to add all the stuff you want in it then polish the bugs till it's reasonably playable. My guess is they are aware of most of the issues you have pointed out and the ones they didn't know about they now know thanks to the free bug testers. Also why waste a bunch of time time fixing all the problems. Just fix the ones the community is most concerned with. Your argument that you'd pay for this so don't give me this 'free' stuff doesn't hold up in my mind. Let's be clear, the dev's didn't make this out of the kindness in their heart. There is money to be had. Whether that takes the form of advertising in the final release or this just supports people buying the stand alone game or something else. The game isn't free but it's cheap. You can't expect much from something little resources are given to. It's probably a small team or small part-time team. The business model for this game never supported a pay model probably for economic reasons. There is no point in saying you would pay for this game to be better, that option was never on the table. Also game development probably takes a long, long time. You and me are both frustrated at how long it takes to get to the final playable version. Here's my rant. I don't go buy a movie that is half finished and watch it slowly get produced and edited. I don't buy a book one chapter at a time. Yet gamers have made it clear we will give our time and money before the finished product and help them develop it willingly. We will even pre-order with the hope the game will be everything we dreamed it will be. If we have anyone to blame for a unfinished mess of a game then look no further than your bathroom mirror. I agree whole heartedly with your last statement. You won't find me complaining about some Japanese hentai game, I could care less. The reason we take the time to gripe is because this game is so good even with the game breaking bugs. We all really hope this will live up to our expectations.
  6. MarcusODmaximus

    I can't play in mini dayz in broser

    It seems this problem has been going on for some time. I get a white screen after I chose single player. If we do get a response it will be along the lines of 'We currently are not devoting any resources to the browser version of the game'. This is confusing to me. At this point they know the browser version isn't working. Why do they continue to allow the game to be accessed? Do they want a bunch of people to be unsuccessful at launching the game, spend a bunch of time trying to fix something at our end and then come to the forums to see what's wrong? Even when the game did run on browser it was very flawed (ie shoot through walls). Why do they want a group of people to have a negative opinion about their game and development team?
  7. MarcusODmaximus

    Browser Sub Forum Yay!

    Finally a corner for us PC users to talk about our version of the game! I don't know Val if your completely responsible for this but I know you at least played a small part. Thank you to all for creating this space. My only contact to the DayZ universe is this version of the game and I'm in love with it. We may complain about this and that but just know we wouldn't even bother to complain about something we didn't care about. I look forward to any and all updates to this game but even if there are none it's still a joy to play. Thanks again for this and I'll make sure to fill it with more positive feedback on this walking simulator <jk>. Stay safe out there and remember - Keep on surviving.
  8. MarcusODmaximus

    Questions for PC version of MINIDAYZ

    I'm in the same boat TS. I won't be playing on anything other than browser mode too. I've been told browser mode will get updated at some point but not in the "near future". Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either. I still have lots of fun with the game but it is very broken and I wonder why they even let it be available to the public. How many times have you been killed by something totally not your fault?
  9. MarcusODmaximus

    After so many deaths, I HAVE QUESTIONS!

    Thank you again. I'm starting to get somewhat good at the game now. I'm on like my 5th day in game, killed about 10 bandits. This game seemed almost impossible a few days ago but now seems kinda tame, I might have to upgrade from novice. Yeah the pumps kinda suck for reliable water but they will fill your canteen for when your planning bigger excursions. I find the best way for water is just keep hitting towns or revisit ones you've been to, the respawn rate is really generous. I didn't know that about fire stations. When the dev's start working on browser again I'll be bugging for farming. I want somewhere on the map where I feel it's home and I'm safe, the tent doesn't cut it. How is it on mobile? Do you get a base set up on every island or not really necessary? You say Chernarus map is static, are the islands randomly generated? Have you tried real day-Z? I've seen a lot of vids but I gotta get something better than a macbook to play that.
  10. MarcusODmaximus

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    Some of my complaints are no longer valid as I'm learning. I had trouble seeing text and objects because my screen resolution was too high. 1024 X 640 seems to be best with in game netbook mode selected. Still cuts off a little of the top but 1024 X 800 has too much black around edges. My 1280 X 800 setting made things very difficult. The infected speeding around objects is still there but I've learned to deal with them another way so it's not so much an issue anymore. Night time isn't hide time anymore either. I can see grouping of objects in tent or stacked items by right clicking on it. Headlamps seem to always have some battery in them. Again needed to right click.
  11. MarcusODmaximus

    After so many deaths, I HAVE QUESTIONS!

    That's good to hear! Now I want a tent in every major town. Would still like to know if I can farm and if so then how? If I start hunting deer I think food will be easier but water.....it's still an issue. Is there another source of water other than wells and pop? I know certain food will restore some. I was running low on water so I headed to a town with a well. Well, the well was dry, oh well. So I headed to another. It was dry too. I ended up dying of dehydration with a empty water bottle and canteen, next to a river while it was pouring rain down on me. I can make a backpack from some twigs and rope, repair a vehicle and haul 200lbs of equipment across the country side without ever getting tired but I can't cup my hands together or tilt my head back and open my mouth? Yeah I know, it's game mechanics. Same reason if I'm starving than that means blood is pouring out of my body. If you find answers then great, if not thanks anyways. When my sub forum gets set up I shall discuss it with my brethren and our people will rise up from our minority status and show where the real processing power comes from. Or I'll break down and buy a smart phone like everyone else on the planet.
  12. MarcusODmaximus

    After so many deaths, I HAVE QUESTIONS!

    I got to drive my first car! Woo-hoo! This is in browser mode though. I'm reading the posts on this forum but it's confusing to know if we are talking about mobile or browser version. Would it be possible Valbunny to create a separate sub forum like the General one but call it Browser version or something? I know you said work is being done on the forum structure here and don't know if you could create that without causing more work. My car experience was brief but awesome. Reverse is like 10 times faster than forward. Some bandit shot me up as I drove by so I got out and he shot me up some more :( I got to run over some zombies though :) Is it possible to farm in browser mode? I'm finally getting the hang of the game and making it past my 2nd night but it's always a major problem keeping food and water at good levels. Is there a set number of bandits in Chernarus or do they keep spawning? I got a 2nd tent but didn't get a chance to set it up. Is there any limit to how many tents I can have in game? Thanks again Valbunny, it seems you are the driving force keeping this forum going (in my 3 days of being here)
  13. MarcusODmaximus

    After so many deaths, I HAVE QUESTIONS!

    Hey Dawn, I use the browser version and I can tell you use mobile version so I'll try to answer your questions but I'm newer than you and we use different versions. During my play throughs I see the tshirt you start with and maybe I'll find one more but thats it. So that means 2 rags you can make. Yes in real dayZ you can use your knife to tear things up but it doesn't seem possible here. Harvest a plant? How do you plant one? I read something about needing a shovel, pitchfork or pickaxe and zucchini, tomato or green pepper but my attempts with a shovel and pepper didn't do anything. Also I've never lived long enough to go back to locations I've been to before. It would be nice to set up a camp so your food and water needs are manageable. From what I've read the tent is the only way to safely store your items. I am unsure how long something on the ground will last or what it takes for a town to regenerate it's loot (going away for X amount of time or distance?) Considering I got bandits running through walls of buildings I wouldn't bet my life the tent is safe but that one would be pretty easy to test out yourself. Let a zombie follow you back and see if he hits you up for some brains. I haven't got as far as barbed wire and camps but if the games' crushing difficulty is any indication of the developers thoughts then I think you just gave them the idea to make barbed wire hurt the player as well. For me the bear traps are invisible when set, I would prefer to see something and the option to disarm and reuse it if your plan didn't work out. The fact that you can right click on the fuel can and it gives you the option to fill a vehicle than I suppose it's purpose is to make cars drivable. I have not achieved this yet and have read other posts saying they can't drive either. Only certain vehicles can be driven at certain spawn locations. Maybe it's purpose is the same as the whiskey, the world has gone to hell and I have no chance of surviving so I'm just gonna huff some gas to kill the pain. I dunno about the characters and buildings thing. Zombies (or I guess they're called infected) cant enter single door buildings and hang out by the door. Bandits just run through walls. Zombies that spawn inside buildings seem to sometimes be able to teleport out. I wonder if wolves will follow you in? The bigger door buildings seem to let everyone in. I think there is more than one secret place. I think you know you've found it when you find a town or crash site that isn't on the map. I don't know much about secret places yet. Sorry this was the blind leading the blind but at least you got a response.
  14. MarcusODmaximus

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    Although this is the wrong place to post bugs or problems with the web (browser) version of the game I will also contribute (where is the right place?). The zombies that spawn in vehicles. You open the trunk and are immediately hit. The zombies that spawn in doors. You open a building door and are immediately hit. The zombies that don't get stuck behind trees or buildings but instead go very fast to get around it sometimes resulting in getting hit. Player will hit a pixel or something and get stuck when you run along a wall or even some trees. Mobile version seems to have a screen where you can see items around you. In browser mode try loading up your tent with stuff and then come back and find one certain item. Takes forever to empty the tent and refill it. I also don't like when items spawn on top of each other. Can't stack bandages, rags or other simple items. It's hard to identify many objects without picking them up. It would be nicer to know if I have to deal with the hordes to get the mystery item. When you pick up ammo (or whatever) of something you already have it won't just stack automatically. The text is so small. When reading city names I have to stop what I'm doing and bring the laptop to my face to read it. When clothing gets damaged it won't just round up to the nearest percent it will say 64.7%. When it displays with a 10th of a percent it's hard to read and again I have to bring the laptop close to my face. Why stop at displaying only to 0.1 percent? When I'm making tactical decisions I need to know if my cargo pants are at 68.492% durability or 68.493%. Currently it's not so easy to find a headlamp and batteries (why are they never together?). This means at night I'm usually hiding in a building or standing around a fire twiddling my thumbs for 5 and a half minutes until daylight comes. Kinda boring. You could get rid of the rain and night and you would never hear a complaint from me. Your in a building and zombies are outside unaware of you. A bandit comes around shooting and now all of a sudden every zombies starts coming towards you. I've now got to take some hits as I go out the door. Sometimes a zombie or zombies will be stationary behind a building and then for no reason will find a way to path around the building and come to you. If you move a bit they seem to remember they can't see you. Not sure if this is intentional but occasionally you will see zombies just wandering a short distance and then stop again. It's kinda random the directions they go but it seems they all gravitate towards the player. Not the trees but the impassable forest doesn't seem to break line of sight for zombies. As noted above - when I'm camping out in a closed door room for the night, a bandit will just walk through the wall like air and unloads into me. This is by far the worst of all the complaints. All your time accumulating stuff wiped out by a random event you have no control over. I'll add more as I discover and remember them but I don't know how much longer I can play the game in its current state. Some of these issues are game breaking. I feel like this game should be advertised as alpha or beta or not available to the general public yet. Please post more issues here (or wherever we are supposed to) so we can get them all in one place.
  15. MarcusODmaximus

    Love the game but....(Browser version)

    Thank you for the reply. You say I'm posting this in the wrong place. Where is the right place? I see a sub forum of General. I'm not sure how that is supposed to be different than the main forum. I see a pinned post by a user that doesn't appear to be part of the development team (CinnabarDragoon) called "Mini DayZ Bugs/Issues Report". Is that the right place? It seems a large number of posts in the main forum are complaints about bugs. Is everyone doing the wrong thing or is the forum not set up properly? I don't like the idea of sending my bug complaints to support@bistudio.com because chances are I'm not the first to complain about it and the developers are already aware of it. I just want to see others complain of the same thing in a place that the develops scan so we all know its an issue. I'm sad to hear there is no work being done on the browser version with only a vague hope that an update may or may not come at a later time. Thank you for your time and effort in replying to everyones concerns. I would suggest reorganizing the forums somehow so people are less likely to keep posting the same things repeatedly. I would also suggest maybe 2 separate forums or at least a sub forum for the browser version because there are enough differences to make them 2 separate games. Maybe rename one of the games?