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  1. NickEast

    SOG AI

    It seems by the time I can disable SOG AI it has been initialized and broken the initial scripted behavior on mission start, so the AI just stands there. In some cases I noticed that the player character is now marked "team leader". No worries about the timeline though. I'm in no hurry to finish the campaigns, or can find a temporary alternative. I might take a look at the scripts myself as I wanted to study scripting more anyway.
  2. NickEast

    SOG AI

    Hey. I've been trying out a few mods to make AI squads easier to command, and this one currently stands out. I also wanted to retry the campaigns with this, but I've run into an issue. I notice that SOG AI disables itself for some missions where you're not commanding AI. However, as I've also experimented in the Editor, SOG AI enables itself even if you're not a team leader. This creates a conflict in missions where you're part of a team that performs scripted actions. For example, The East Wind's "Common Enemy" is the earliest example of a mission in which you're not commanding a unit but SOG AI is still enabled. As a result, the AI stops performing its scripted actions and breaks the triggers that progress the mission. Supply Network is the first mission where you command a unit, but that happens later as in the beginning you're part of a different unit. Again, SOG AI breaks the scripted behavior, thinking you're the team leader. Could this be fixed? For now, it means I can't use SOG AI during these kinds of missions.
  3. NickEast

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    Mostly MSDN for general programming stuff (that's where I found out how to communicate between the two programs). For VA I searched through Google and read the manual. I'm not certain whether I'm right about how I could make it work. I would have to try it out first. If not, I'll keep searching and experimenting. EDIT: I started working on both the extension for Arma 3 and the plugin for VoiceAttack and so far everything seems to go fine. Once I can send messages back-and-forward between VA and Arma, I will post a separate topic detailing my intentions and progress.
  4. NickEast

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    I'm really a solo Arma player, so using voice commands to control the AI is really a must for me to enjoy the game. I first used Articulate (as it's free) but really want to customize everything to suit my needs and VoiceAttack seemed to be the best program to use. I haven't bought it just yet since I'm still trying stuff out, and I stumbled upon the aforementioned problem with VA that it's difficult to create fluid commands, especially when selecting multiple units ("1 2 3" "Hold Fire") or when issuing multiple orders to selected units without constantly reselecting them or having to do a lot of manual stuff alongside VA. I'm not an experienced Arma player, having just started playing about six months ago and having just barely reached 60 hours of play time (also because I do a lot of other work most of the time), but I'm starting to really get into it now. I'm also not an experienced modder (at least not in Arma). But I am a skilled artist, designer and programmer (as I'm a starting video game developer), and I'm very interested in going more in-depth with Arma. I've looked up VAICOM for DCS and learned that the new upcoming version is going to be a plugin for VA that communicates directly with the game to send and receive data so that VA works seamlessly and without using keystrokes and other indirect shortcuts. What I've read about both VA plugin and Arma 3 Extension development is that both use .NET (aka C#) which is a language I'm proficient with. What I'm trying to say is that, if I can find out more about VoiceAttack and how to develop plugins for it, as well as how to communicate with Arma 3, I want to try and develop a similar plugin as VAICOM to avoid using the command menu and instead directly execute scripts in Arma to command the AI. The only real issue I see at this point is that I don't know exactly how I could communicate between Arma 3 and VA. As far as I know, VAICOM intends to use UDP (basically ports and services) and JSON, but I'm not sure if that will work properly with Arma (I'm not that experienced in programming yet). Regardless, that's the only real issue I have; actually programming all that stuff (in C# and SQF) isn't a problem at all once I understand the APIs. At this point, this is all wishful thinking. And though I'm exploring how to achieve this, progress will probably be slow. I will most likely still buy VA and create my own profile (so I can get to know VA), and try to develop a simple plugin to test. If it works, I will definitely continue with it. EDIT: After a little digging, it appears there is a solution other than UDP (and which appears somewhat easier and safer) that would allow a VA plugin to send messages to an Arma 3 extension which can then execute SQF code. The extension can then send feedback back to VA to check if the command is successfully executed for example. It's still a somewhat daunting task, but I'll get started on it shortly (over the weekend maybe).
  5. Same here. It appears to be loading quickly, but then it simply continues loading at a steady pace. When loading a mission, it also appears to load it twice (first the map loads, then the loading bar of the mission sticks halfway for a few seconds, and then the mission loads again).
  6. For me it happened whenever I changed settings and I try to continue the game, as well as whenever the game tries to save. I solved it by moving my Profiles folder to somewhere other than Documents using the Profile folder parameter in the launcher (I put them in the installation folder, but anywhere should be fine as long as the folder is writeable). I think that for some reason after the update, the game can no longer write to Documents.
  7. I'm a terrible pilot, and not a very good driver. In the game that is. So is the AI, well mostly when flying aircraft. The best solution that I've seen to create a prerecorded path for AI to follow is to use unitCapture and unitPlay. The problem is, as I'm a terrible pilot and not a very good driver, the recorded flight path will be worse then letting the AI move on its own. Yet, it's still an issue where I have very little control over the AI's path to create some nice helicopter insertions, airplane bombing runs, or cars patrolling. Aircraft very loosely follow waypoints. This is obvious for planes as they cannot make very sharp turns, but helicopters can really veer off course, or crash if they're supposed to fly low. With cars, they always stop at waypoints before moving on, and despite having searched for a solution for that, I haven't found anything that works straightforward and without issues. If you only place waypoints at crossroads, they will only drive on the roads with their behavior set to "Safe" or lower, but will otherwise leave the road to drive in a straight line. Is there a way to have more control over the AI path? Like creating a path spline or something? Or manipulating waypoints in a certain way? Perhaps certain scripts or addons that can help? Forgive me if I sound ignorant; I have searched various places but couldn't find anything directly related. This is my first time here, and I haven't played Arma in a while and am trying to get back into it, so I may have missed some stuff.