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    [Release] C-RAM Script

    Holy Flippers!!! Thank you so much for this! I owe you! Please do not let this die. I will spread to word of your great work. We at Tactical Terror are Very Excited to see the improvements to this script.
  2. The issues is a follows. With ACE 3 running on a server. When a player is shot enough they can become unconscious, when this happens I believe it is ACE that changes that players "Side" over to a civilian from in this instance Blufor. On occasion when said player dies or re-spawns they are not always changed back to the original Faction they were with. Causing AI of an opposing faction not to engage them as they are still seen as a civilian. This creates a few problems resulting a misrepresentation of balance, AI difficulty, Medical system intensity, and a broken experience for players, both those who are now "Terminators" and those who die watching our "T1000" players push onward undieing.