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  1. Thanks so much for this! Still really enjoying this set of scripts for all our custom missions.
  2. Hey KeyCat, Thanks for the recommendation, but I can't open the link unfortunately. Are you able to pass on the name of the addon or a steam link?
  3. Thanks for responding EDcase. So is there no way to edit server.cfg and have that apply to local hosted missions? Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, Recently started playing Apex co op with a friend and it's been great, but my comp struggles a bit on Tanoa. The solution would seem to be to reduce my view distance and remove the grass, but I can't find a way to do this on a non-dedicated server. We're trying to do this without mods if possible. Does anyone know how to adjust these for non-dedicated multiplayer games? Thanks in advance
  5. Just started using this and wish I had done it much sooner. Great set of scripts and very easy to setup with lots of flexibility. My only complaint is that the download link to the manual doesn't work. Anybody still have it? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Have been looking for a non-mod solution to only showing player position if GPS is in the inventory. At the moment, in vanilla Arma 3, you can either turn on /off player and friendly positions together. Is there a potential scripting solution to only show just the player position (not other friendlies) and limit it to only player that have the GPS in their inventory? Thanks!
  7. Lukeocyte

    Zeus as High Command setup

    Hey guys thanks a lot for the suggestions. The mods look great and may end up going that route if necessary but am trying to avoid using mods for now. Tajin if you have time would you be able take a look at my setup and see if there are any obvious mistakes made? I've got an example map attached. Basically just switch over to Zeus, then the map, and then hover of the markers on the map. You'll see the reticle change to a target and the units are also editable. https://www.dropbox.com/s/69szo31gib4ik5e/ZeusCommand.Stratis.zip?dl=0 Also I'm not super skilled in the ways of Arma scripting as of yet, but if you guys wouldn't mind sharing your examples that'd be great. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, Was a big fan of High Command, but have a few issues with it and have since been trying to get Zeus to function as a High Command system. Gotten quite close to getting this the way I want by restricting editing/camera areas and limiting resources, however, my Zeus is still able to edit/see enemy units that were not placed nor made editable for Zeus on the map. For example by selecting a Blufor unit as Zeus and then hovering the mouse over the map you can essentially find all the Opfor unit positions since the cursor changes to the red target when the mouse is over an enemy unit. Furthermore if I then move the mouse over these Opfor units and double click them I can edit their stand and rank which I was hoping to only use for Zeus placed Blufor units when outside of my editing area. TLDR; Has anyone made a successful High Command-like setup in Zeus or Zeus vs. Zeus setup that doesn't allow Zeus players to reveal/edit enemy units? Thanks!
  9. Very cool! I think this is what PierreMGI suggested on the other post. I'm still getting my feet wet with Bohemia scripting so I just want to make sure I understand. Basically you opened the Combat Patrol Init module, found where it teleported the players, commented that out, and then placed the new script into the init.sqf? So in theory to get this to work I would put your init.sqf into my mission folder and then remove my Combat Patrol Init module. The other blacklist etc. Combat Patrol modules should still work with it right? Awesome work. I think this is exactly what PierreMGI did on his Takistan mission (scroll up in the other post). Might be worth looking at that as well in case _this is important in the script (I can't imagine it wouldn't be).
  10. If you find any other solutions please post here as at the moment I'm currently using your solution, but have removed mines for obvious reasons :-) I also posted in the main Combat Patrol thread in hopes of getting a dev's attention as it seems like it should be a fairly straightforward thing to implement and would open up a lot more design options for making more customized Combat Patrol scenarios. PierreMGI responded, but I have yet to figure out how to implement his solution. Might be worth checking out. Happy scripting.
  11. Thanks for the post! Definitely works. Unfortunately on a later test run I was teleported inside one of the mine fields I placed and exploded before your script kicked in... doh. I've posted a request in the official combat patrol thread in hopes a dev will see. I can't imagine it would be difficult to add a parameter to allow us to select whether the mission teleports us or not.
  12. Lukeocyte

    Combat Patrol

    Hey guys, Not sure if this has been discussed, but one thing that myself and others have mentioned that would be very useful is to have an option to have a static start point for the mission, potentially as a parameter. Other post here: I'm posting here in hopes one of the developers sees this. Basically if we were able to make a static starting point we'd be able to place players within a base with other squadmates/vehicles/ammo/arsenal. As well it'd be nice as we could populate the map with other patrols, mines, etc. without the worry of players spawning in those areas. Would hopefully be a simple thing to implement and would give map makers a lot more flexibility to incorporate Combat Patrol modules. Thanks!
  13. Hey Simon, Yeah totally agree and tried it out. Great mod, however, the problem I had was that ALiVE put all of its units as Zeus editable, which for most players is probably a great thing. Unfortunately for me I spent a lot of time tweaking Zeus parameters to limit it only some NATO units/objects, set camera movement only to the player's base, and give them only a certain amount of Zeus resources to spend with the idea is that the player can place their own units for the mission. Obviously I wouldn't want players to see the OPFOR units that ALiVE places. Basically what I'm ultimately trying to create a semi-dynamic scenario in which players will get a briefing and then have to do their own intel to figure out the force size and how they are going to get to and accomplish their objective. During that process they can hop into Zeus and spawn whatever units/vehicles they deem appropriate for the mission based on their Zeus resources either by assigning them to their squad or controlling them via Zeus to accomplish the objective. This is the main reason I want combat patrol to force spawn players at a designated base.
  14. Hey guys, Glad I'm not the only one interested in this. My hopes were to create a template map that has prepopulated patrols, vehicles, camps etc. that the player would have to navigate to get to their objective. They would have a choice of being airlifted in, by boat, etc. and getting to the Combat Patrol AO would be a major part of the mission. I'll give this a try later when I'm home and combine it with the option to select respawn loadout/location at the beginning of the mission. However, if anyone if up to try before me please let me know if it works. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/MP_Combat_Patrol Check this out. Was helpful for setting up the description.ext which has a lot of the options you want. It does not, however, have an option for static starting position.
  15. I've made a custom combat patrol mission with additional ambient side missions/patrols going on. Ideally what I'd like to do next is create a static base for the players where they can choose load outs and request an airlift to the combat patrol AO manually. However, as far as I can tell, you can't make the players starting position static and so they get transported near the combat patrol AO which sometimes spawns them in the middle of a patrol and makes the starting base pointless. Has anyone been able to figure out how to make the players start position static in Combat Patrol missions through scripting etc.? Thanks in advance.