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  1. NigerJones

    Arma freezing whole computer

    try looking at this and see if it fixes the problem ,if it happens frequently and freezes your entire computer. It fixed the problem for me. tldr: devs tried to make a collection of user data and did not even test it or implement it properly. If your internet is configured in certain way or simply slow at the moment, it will probably lag or freeze your game while these 'requests' to steal your computer data are completed.
  2. NigerJones

    Frequent freezing

    Since this is only about a month ago I thought I would post here the solution that worked for me: please try this and see if it works.. tldr: devs made a way to steal user data for reports or diagnosis, but they didnt even make it correctly.
  3. NigerJones

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    The only way to get better FPS on those servers with 100 players where you get lowered FPS is to properly upgrade your hardware. Arma devs have just shown they ban a lot of users thru the year who used graphs proving they actually lost efficiency over time and all they do is update the "fun stuff" such as the graphics engine, add more content thru their existing addon system, etc. yet those things are already implemented fine while the core engine code suffers from bottlenecks. We know it's not the engine because other games are now putting over 100 players in one place and suffering minimal framerate loss. All the rumors and stuff they said are basically debunked simply because no one else bothered before and yet now we're seeing games with properly made engines put up insane performance for their size, detail, and player counts. I recently went from PhenomII 1090T to a Ryzen 1600X (full cpu/motherboard/ram upgrade) for only like 100$ net cost after selling my old stuff, and the same areas I got 20 fps in before now give me 40-50 fps. We know for sure it doesn't matter if you put "Ultra" or "Low" since it uses a low amount of the GPU. It might change frames by like 1 or 2. It's the only way if you are suffering low fps, there's no magic fix other than cranking down view distance to an unplayably low amount. The only time you should really mess with these pseudo-settings (fake results settings) is if you have like a 2000$ machine and you aren't sure why it's not performing well. They literally accept this solution because I think Bohemia Interactive tend favor bad gamers with lots of money to support their game which is smart from a marketing perspective (get the dumbest pools to say "this product is great", make youtube videos, and promote their games). Not to mention those who bought the way overpriced Intel CPUs years ago, as a huge waste of money as it is from their end, they probably overspent like 500-1000$ roughly in costs to get something you can now get for roughly 200$ or less if you sell old parts; but they still have that larger FPS which lets them react properly in the same time many players will suffer at 20 fps (barely playable). It's kind of like giving people who spend money a monopoly indirectly because their programming skills were terrible and it worked out perfect for them.
  4. They won't fix it dud, they don't even unban you for legit reasons. I was hacking levels/stuff on their servers for months. Then one day got banned purely for saying 'nigger' without any warning at all. They don't care about the lag switchers and random bad pay-2-win bad players clearly. All their servers are linked. Your best bet is to appeal to their main ban system and hope the kids who run that community are appeased. It's the definition of a luck-obtained community that retards control, almost like a drunk retard claimed land and then people moved onto it and it prospered. BI doesn't run those servers it's all run by SaMatra or WS. Search it up, there's probably some selfrighteous realism guy in his 50s sitting in a team speak somewhere who's dum as hell, thinks he's high tech or important somehow, and he'll love to listen to your whining. Either boost your levels properly using their mission file or just play again to gain them. Maybe try donating 5$ and they think it's a ton of money so they'll give you free stuff, they're like 5 years old prolly or some shit.
  5. NigerJones

    Fix Lagswitching

    You really are a grumpy old man. No, it's just how their engine works and has worked for a long time. That is why even with little/no lag you can still end up shooting each other and both killing each other. The registry is client-sided. The problem is you can turn off internet for about 20-30 seconds and shoot everyone out of a moving vehicle, then re-enable and the kill messages are still sent. To other players it seems like obvious hacking. Just make any script file to disable/enable your internet adapter. The downside to this is you can clearly still get shot and it's not an ultimate solution. If there is a network setting to boot players (decrease timeout time) then it would be fixable but just seems like yet another ancient problem with the typical wood nailed over it by BI. An easy fix would be an option to make players timeout/leave sooner once they get the No Message Recieved message or reduce the timeout time when players>30 and the mode is not co-op. In such servers usually the chat/connection logs are so full of people connecting, leaving, chatting, getting kicked, or random people losing connection that a person could probably go on doing this for weeks. Tbh it's so old that I bet a ton of so called 'veterans' do this all the time to snipe people from really far away. If you're that far-gone you shouldn't be able to send such late choked packets, but knowing BI: the 'solution' is to fix it yourself just like how they think replacing the call to 'malloc' actually does something yet implemented a whole system for it.
  6. NigerJones

    Fix Lagswitching

    Please fix your engine in an update so that shots you take when you are not receiving data from the server do not count. It probably can't be fixed by the anticheat. "Not recieving data" message pretty much never happens unless the server shuts down so it should be an easy fix. example: