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  1. OFrP : Operation FrenchPoint Version 1.0.2 Website Discord Facebook Twitter Description The Operation Frenchpoint project (OFrP) was created in 2002 by gathering the expertise of several passionate French modders, animated by the same desire: to develop the units, weapons, equipment and vehicles of the French Army on Bohemia Interactive video games, and to provide it for free to the community. For the moment, the mod only includes regular infantry, weapons and several objects, but it is an achievement for the team after several years of difficulties. We will do our best to provide you with vehicles in the comming months. Wish you the best in game ! Installation README, Classnames and License files are included in the package under PDF format. The OFrP units could be found : – Side : BLUEFOR – Faction : France – Side : INDEPENDANT – Faction : UN Community Base Addons REQUIRED: Steam Workshop Armaholic Github Changelog Version 1.0.2: - Fixed: Issue with the signature of ofrp_a3_characters.pbo; Contents BUG REPORTS Thanks to report the bug on the dedicated channel on our Discord. Link available at the top of this page. Known issues Thermal textures are missing. CREDITS & THANKS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (E.U.L.A.) The work contained in this distribution is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0. It is forbidden to distribute the content of this package by itself, or as part of another distribution, using the Steam Workshop by anyone other than Operation FrenchPoint Team (OFrP Team). You may NOT use the material for commercial purposes. This includes running this package on server instances that employ any monetization schemes, including, but not limited to, donate-reward systems. Bohemia Interactive’s approval of your monetization scheme does not grant you rights to wave this clause of the EULA. Please note that the above-mentioned agreement gives the right to OFrP Team to waiver any of the conditions at our own discretion. These mods are provided for Bohemia’s Interactive Arma 2: Combined Operations or Arma 3 and is not to be used with VBS or any of its derivatives built for the purpose of military training. It is strictly forbidden for the content provided and/or any derivatives to be use in the DayZ game. By downloading the mod, you submit to the EULA, and any non-compliance with previous rules, you may be subject to prosecution. For any request of exemption, models or partnership, please contact the team. Download OFrP on STEAM WORKSHOP Download ACE3 Compatibility on STEAM WORKSHOP Download OFrP+ACE3 Compatibility on MEGA
  2. "En avant ! Au cœur de l'action" Operation Frenchpoint marks his return to the ArmA scene by presenting the new foundations of its project. Determined to evolve the project with new and concrete ideas, OFrP took its time, but be certain, OFrP is back! For fifteen years, Operation Frenchpoint has been the result of passionate who has gone through the years and episodes of the ArmA license. Complete, well-kept and optimized, OFrP will offer ArmA 3 even more resources than on the previous opus, as well as exclusive features. Conventional units, Special Forces, armored, non-armored and support vehicles, helicopters and aircraft, and even some ships… Stay tuned! QUALITY, A STORY OF PATIENCE The OFrP method Our work aims to be quality work, while taking into account our limitations in terms of documentation and time we can invest in. Given the size of the equipment of our armed forces, the wait may seem long, but it is necessary to obtain the best result. OUR « QUALITY CHECKLIST » ·Create very realistic models ·Optimize to integrate it in-game ·Focus on details of all materials ·Create an optimal technical configuration ·Test and approve before publishing Release date At this time, the team is focus on the development of the infantry pack, which will be the first release of OFrP. We have many things to do, re-work, correct, and think about some features. Others packs will come subsequently, when the infantry pack would be in an advanced state, like wheeled vehicle, armored vehicle, helicopters and others. In others words, we don't have any idea when the first pack will come out. Waiting is long, but it is worth the blow of it. OFrP Needs You ! You are a talented 3D artist, a Developer who codes blindfolded, an A-Team Sound Designer… And doing this on ArmA with french speaking people* does not scare you? So we certainly have an unpaid, time-consuming job that can also make you lose faith in humanity. Still not discouraged? Perfect ! So join us. Take a look around the project, and when you feel ready, introduce yourself on our forum! *Most of the members can interact in english, with a pretty interesting accent
  3. Hi everyone, After 18 years of good and loyal service on all the games in the ArmA series, Studio OFrP: Operation FrenchPoint goes to sleep and closes its doors. The small size of our workforce coupled with the personal contingencies of our members no longer allow us to continue the adventure. The website will soon be closed but the Discord and the Forum will remain active for the old ones or for those who would like to restart the project. So that everything is not abandoned, the Indochine mod will be published as is, that is to say unfinished and bug included. As for the OFrP mod, and depending on the capacities, only the most advanced features will be published. The license (EULA) that is joined with each of our mods obviously remains applicable despite the closure of OFrP Studio. Wish you a good game despite this news, OFrP team French translation below :
  4. OFrP : Operation FrenchPoint Version 1.0.2 Operation FrenchPoint has been updated to version 1.0.2, please refer to the first post for the download link and changelog.
  5. @Marechal Lasalle@Greensnack This will be updated and corrected soon. Thanks for your report.
  6. Thank you for your support. Unfortunately, the config is indeed another role. An integrator comes to assist a 3D artist in the transition between the finished and textured lowpoly model and his arrival in the game. It is a very challenging work and it is perhaps the rarest and most sought-after role in modding on ArmA 3 and that is why we have difficulty finding one. @PTV-Jobo : Thank you, know that the whole team currently active was moved by your words. We wish you the best.
  7. Hello, First of all, thank you to all the people who follow the project with interest despite its slowness, and who regularly show their support. Your words motivate us. Operation Frenchpoint is still under development, we have even made significant progress on the in-game integration of most assets and for the first time on ArmA 3, we have never been so close to being able to publish something (in this case, the Infantry pack). You will find below, some images of the most recent elements, including all the versions of combat vests with pockets arranged according to the specialty. Bonus for @Heartbroken: Yes, we did;) Unfortunately, our integrator has announced that he will withdraw from the project for personal reasons, and we are therefore totally stuck on integrating the elements that would allow us to finish this first pack. Refusing to give up (because in the end, the French do not surrender as easily 😂), we move forward on the parts of the project that are still within our reach. It is therefore with great pleasure that I announce the continuation of the efforts of the Indochina team on their pack, you will find below some screenshots of their latest achievements. We have been here for 17 years, but ArmA 3 is clearly our most difficult episode, we have made bad choices, we are very late and we would love to get to the end of the tunnel. We are totally open to proposals allowing us to obtain the services of one or more integrators, whether for one-shot or on a longer term partnership. We can also discuss the possibilities of exchanging resources or associating with another structure for this purpose. Our priority today is to unlock the situation and provide the community with this first pack that we have been promising them for a very long time. Thank you again for your support. Feel free to join us on our Discord server to greet us or contact us: http://discord.gg/vRAWZ9X
  8. Hello ! Yes it is. We will communicate this week with updates 😉 Thanks for your message. OFrP Team
  9. Hello there! Although we had chosen to stop our communication in order to focus on the project without worrying about the noise from outside, we received your messages and comments and we decided to publish a complete overview in order to reassure you on several points: yes, we are still there. Yes, we are still working on the mod. Yes, it’s moving forward. The Infantry Pack is finally starting to become concrete, and even if there is still a lot of work to do, we are for the first time closer to the end than to the beginning, and it’s something that has given us back a fairly substantial motivation. Most of the equipment is finished, optimized and integrated into the game. We still have some products to create (bags, launchers, etc.), to optimize (vest pockets, various textures) and to integrate (transport vehicles). Our work on this part will then finally be completed and we will be able to consider a Beta Test whose conditions have not yet been established. In addition to the elements present in the Infantry Pack, we have also developed a series of ideas, including ergonomic features such as the module allowing players to have a unique object in the Arsenal list and a customization sub-menu for it (for example to choose the camo on an uniform, the arrangement of pockets on a vest or the equipment on a helmet), but also a large cosmetic oriented part with berets, rank and unit insignias. On this point, all the weapons and units of our forces will be represented. Finally, we have already begun to dedicate a small part of our resources to the next step: land armoured vehicles. We will try to create in parallel the transport helicopters once the Infantry Pack is published, in order to add the 3rd dimension in the travel possibilities. We hope that this preview will give you a better insight into what we are preparing and may stimulate interest in talent looking for a platform of expression that focuses on passion, and therefore on detail. Take care of yourself! Infantry Pack | Products Armoured Cavalry Arm | Preview
  10. Hello soldiers! We stopped communicating for a few months to be able to focus on the core subjects of the project. Next WIP is scheduled for this weekend btw, with a lot of images. Preview below.
  11. WIP - April 2018 Dear Community ! Despite recent swirls, the studio continues slowly but surely the development of the Infantry Pack. So we thought it would be nice to share with you our little novelties! 1. The UBAS combat shirt, which is added to the uniforms next to the T4 Felin. Both products have a randomization of the texture pattern in order to vary a bit the camouflage position from one player to another (we said we loved details, no? ;-)). 2. The good old AANF1 machine gun in its static version (also available in classic portable version). It's a rustic weapon, so it's an effective weapon! 3. The GBC180 truck in its final 3D model version, before going into the texturing process. You may have seen the model in its previous version, we thought we could do better, it is now done. 4. And finally, the legendary Berghaus Crusader 3 (here in its unfinished highpoly version), better known literally as "Crusader 90+20", because if you have to carry 110 liters of gear, you might as well do it properly! Thanks to those who support us despite the challenges, we are not many and there is a lot of work, but we still have motivation, so we go ahead. o7
  12. At the moment, our team is focusing on infantry assets to release the first pack, so the first vehicles we will work on will be soldiers oriented. Armored Cavalry will certainly come one day, we don't know when, but when it will, it will have interiors for sure
  13. One of the 3D artists left but the mod is still active, the models are still on past communication sitreps because we will not remove what has been done just because someone left :)
  14. Not planned for short term deadlines, maybe in the future >> Wait & See ! ;)
  15. Hi, actually not in the project. But we have a small team working on the Indochine conflict ;)
  16. We know about this opportunity but we prefer leaving it to studios with a will to augment their professional range and possibly to get incomes. Being of enthusiasts trying to remain in a collaborative and free framework, we wont go towards this initiative of Bohemia.
  17. Actually not in the plans, but maybe a compatiblity pack will be developped by the ALiVE Team ? :) The equipment of the Indochina part of OFrP came mainly from the same era, however some equipment of the Algerian war is also used in Indochina, notably the MAS-36 rifle and MAT-49 submachine gun. Concerning the H-34 Pirate, we don't have it but we have the Sikorsky S55 H-19.
  18. No news, good news. That's true, we did not give a lot of news recently. We had a lot to do to move forward in the development of the mod. The accent was put in the infantry pack, with the revision of the uniforms, as well as the combat vests. Different types of helmets came in the pack, as well as backpacks. We also worked on weapons. It takes time, because we are a small team and very demanding with ourselves. Be sure we are as much impatient as you, and that we are trying to do our best! Thanks for all your numerous messages of encouragement, and of hate, it encourages us to advance! We are on the last straight line before being able to offer a first throw of the infantry pack. This one will be expanded with time, in the fur as the modelling of some items, weapons, and other equipments will advance. Will come then other packs (vehicles, air, etc.). Do not forget, if you are an 3D artist, and you want to be part of the adventure, the door is opened! Come by our website to discover our univers !
  19. Due to the limitations of ArmA 3, we don't think we have the opportunity to do it. At the moment. Maybe.
  20. Thanks for all your messages ! Both, we've already done the FELIN's scope