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  1. Below is a helpful guide I found on Reddit. Thought others could benefit from the info. https://www.reddit.com/r/MiniDayZ/comments/6ne93b/complete_guide_to_mini_dayz/?st=J56ZGUUZ&sh=8a544a0e
  2. Loudmushroom

    What's new in update 1.0.6? (Android)

    Same question for IOS mobile as well?
  3. Loudmushroom

    how to use duct tape and sewing kit

    Duct tape I've found and used. When you have it, drag it onto an item of clothing that's applicable and it will add more percentage to it so it lasts longer. The tape will be used up when you do. It's a one time use per roll.
  4. Loudmushroom

    Crafting Fireplace Kit on IOS

    Finally crafted a fireplace kit. Thanks. Single wood piece and a rag.
  5. Loudmushroom

    Friendly survivors?

    Any tips for keeping a game going for 9 days? Wow @bulan555
  6. Loudmushroom

    Crafting in Mini Dayz

    Are the only recipes in the game those shown in the notebook? Also I'm thinking in terms of somebody who has just started playing the game as myself. A screen that lets you craft specifically would be more intuitive to the player. How do you even know to split items and drag individual ones. I only know that because someone answered a question in this forum. It could be designed a bit more intuitively for a player is all. There is always room for improvement.
  7. Loudmushroom

    Crafting in Mini Dayz

    It would be great if a separate screen was implemented to allow for crafting to make it more intuitive. For example it would show what is craftable and show the recipes and then allows you to click a plus or minus button next to resources to add or subtract them and a button to actually craft the resulting item. Are there any plans to do something like this ?
  8. Loudmushroom

    Crafting Fireplace Kit on IOS

    How do you separate a single piece of wood from a pile ? The crafting GUI could use some changes. Maybe a separate screen for crafting purposes. It's not very intuitive and the recipes have to be memorized it seems.
  9. I've collected wood piles and rags from torn shirts and papers too. Game won't allow me to craft a fireplace kit when I drag them on to each other. I've tried woodpiles on to paper or rags and vice verca. What am I doing wrong ?