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  1. I think the matches were being fought at the time I joined (there were several dead already in my team just now). So I waited and at the start of the next round I played ok. Add a bit of warning when the matchmaker does that. PS. is there a take screenshot buton in this game?
  2. Several times I start a raid and have no spawn option. Just spectate. Usually appears when my coming yields unequal numbers of players 4+1 vs 4, 5 vs 2+1. That message appears sometimes.
  3. EneCtin

    New game modes

    My ideas were off the top, quick things, not thought through, ideas made to germinate others from other players, either in opposition or in the same line. I am quite fond of my CQC Raid with no grenades, though. The game modes need not be "unique" but they need offer fun and diverse gameplay. I'm not sure I like the competitive play. I like more an arcade-ish play, hence my post.
  4. EneCtin

    Feedback Thread

    Easiest way would be to have a sign over guys in your team. It works fine in other titles where you wouldn't believe how the armor/uniforms look. Not too realistic though. Hm.
  5. EneCtin

    New game modes

    I find myself a bit disappointed with the monotony of the Raid action. I like it fast paced but it's too repetitive: get to the objectives, start those antennas, shoot or ambush, with that girlie talking way too much. It got old quite fast. I get it, it's a realistic simulator and so on, but there could be some variation. So, let's give the devs some hints on maps similar to raid! How about: ...rescuing a hostage (get to the bunker and defend the retreat) ... placing/defusing bombs instead of "making the connection". Hell, even tracing bugs or microphones would be ok from time to time ... raid in a single building, 1 or 2 lanes with lots of cubicles between them, 5 vs 5 in 50 meters distance. That would get the blood pumping... ... gathering vials of some liquid from the area to a protective case and extracting that when full without loosing it. If I got to thinking "am I going to do this all the way to level 99?" is bad, right?
  6. EneCtin

    Feedback Thread

    Team killer is me! Damn the accessories and their colors, they get me confused!!! Here's an example: we were Clouds (blueish) and some bloke chose a brownish west with a lots of pockets..get me, torso more brownish than blueish so I kept dropping him. The joke is on me, certainly, but couldn't there be a color shift for various vests and backpacks in the colour of the team? Your same vest is towards blue if Clouds and towards beige if with the others. You'd look the same but gain less friendly fire (what looks ok in one team does not in the other team) Or, perhaps restrict items to some teams? I don't imagine the gov guys wearing a mexicano bandoulier or arab scarf
  7. EneCtin

    Dead dummy

    On death, hands and feet bend in all strange and unnatural positions, in contact with other objects. Please restrict those movements to what joints and bones actually allow. As is now they look sometimes like the bones were pulverized, Nasty image.
  8. EneCtin

    Stun lock

    When firing on auto at an enemy, the enemy does not fall, instead its animation restarts with every bullet from the time of the initial shot. A kind of stutter. As a result I keep firing, wasting ammo, just to be sure. No big deal.
  9. EneCtin

    Feedback Thread

    Yup, hear her if <7[level] (...and not if over 18) would be simplest. But I'd really like a sound for "look at the map" and , if in 10 seconds, no one seems to react to the situation, than her ladyship starts yelling.
  10. EneCtin

    Voice of a woman

    They may be preparing us for marriage and wisdom (let her talk routine...) At level 2 I'm already fed up with her voice.
  11. EneCtin

    Feedback Thread

    Just started playing and that teenage female voice is starting to annoy me with it's repetitiveness. It helped getting into the way of things but can't it be switched off? Or at least not being played when I the players are dinamic and reacting to the situation on the map? I'd rather have a beep on the radio, take a peek at the map and react
  12. EneCtin

    Reload and ammo

    Fired some of the clip, want to make a tactical reload before M, nothing happens. It is the first clip, I guess I have another somewhere with me. New guys start with only 1 clip? Tried picking up the enemy weapon. Couldn't. Help?!?