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    Performance Problems, 780ti

    We tried to test a bit with other settings and we found that the game refuses to run over 40 fps. No matter what settings we use it always stays at 40. Auto-detect sets everything to ultra (no surprise with that hardware) so that the graphics card is at over 90% load, at 40 fps... same on low settings but the graphics card has no load. We also removed any CPU limits and increased CPU voltage, we tried everything from repairing to reinstalling argo. It seems like something other than CPU, graphics card, RAM or VRAM is limiting the performance. But it's only argo that seems to be broken, any other game is running on high fps. EDIT: Is here anyone else playing argo with a GTX 770, 780 or 780ti? Are you having performance/gpu load problems?
  2. _3rik_

    Performance Problems, 780ti

    The problem here is that not the graphics are limiting the performance. The CPU and graphics card are just chilling without load for some reason. It should be noted that Arma is running on high fps depending on graphics settings and it's using CPU and GPU like a game should do.
  3. _3rik_

    Performance Problems, 780ti

    Laggy and stuttering and it's not perfectly constant, I just wanted to say that it's not only 30 fps drops but most of the time 30-40 fps. Try starting the game with -cpuCount=X in steam, this fixed my performance on my pc. With i7 2600k and AMD 7970 on 1100MHz I ran on 30-40 fps with hard drops to 10 fps. Now with -cpuCount=8 I get stable 55-80 fps and I only have drops at the start of a map when Argo is still loading the map or something. EDIT: Maybe this last message was a bit misleading, cpuCount only fixed MY game. My friend's game is still laggy...
  4. Hey Guys, a friend of mine is having big performance problems. He's having 30-40 fps on lowest settings (no drops) and his hardware is not even really used. Specs: -CPU: i7 5820k, 4.0GHz -GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 780ti -RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000 The CPU is only used about 20-30% in game, GPU about 15% to a maximum of 30% and it is not even switching to a higher core clock (only 700-825MHz, 1032MHz would be normal) We tried: -Restarting the computer (Duh!) -Setting graphics to ultra: 40 fps at over 70% gpu load -Setting graphics to low: 40 fps at 20% gpu load -Using -cpuCount=12: This distributes CPU load evenly to all threads but doesn't cause any increased fps (I had low fps too and this fixed my problem) -Starting the game as 32-/64-bit version: Changed nothing -Repairing and reinstalling the game in steam: Changed nothing -installing the game on a single SSD instead of SSD raid: Changed nothing -Increasing CPU voltage: Changed nothing -Using fps-target in NVidia Settings (120 fps): Changed nothing We hope you can help us. Thanks, _3rik_. EDIT: I updated the "We tried:" section so that you can see everything we tried in the first post.